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Today is the day

I went to see my consultant today following my op in January to remove my endo. It's my 6th lap now. The endo has been removed again however he confirmed I've got adeno. We agreed I could try the coil again. Last time it didn't work but he said it's all that's left to try. He has said we can try for a max 12 months then I need a hysterectomy. I'm 31 I am very lucky as I have a nine year old boy. When he put the coil in I was screaming and climbing up the bed in pain. We all say yes hysterectomy will happen at some stage but when they say max 12 months. I feel like my world has fallen apart today. So I get it. I can't get my head straight myself. I've fought for 15 years now but I think I'm done. Any hysterectomy advice would be amazing. I feel so alone right now. This coil also feels like a tampax not in correctly lol or is it all in my head xx

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the bruising of the vagina is from the speculum they opened up the vagina with and you will feel that for a few days. Pain killers can certainly help a lot for a day or two till it calms down.

That's what feels like a full wonky tampon in there. It happens to me after each smear check - its agony beyond words. I now hve these things done with anesthetic and i would suggest you do too. Entonox or gas and air can be given to your before such procedures to take the edge off - you still feel it but not quite so acutely. Taking pain killers before speculum use is also essential.

Hopefuly you wont need anything doing to repeat the pain and it won't be long before it is working to stop those bleeds. IF you can stick it out through the settling in niggles and twinges etc none of which for me were worse than ovulation or period pains. Then your reward is waiting for you in stopping the wretched monthlies and giving you your life back for quite some time.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - I found it liberating to be free of the monthly hell. Got more than half my life back each year in terms of time available not plagued by the curse. AND the bonus of saving fortune in tampons towels and pain relief too.

Every time you think you have had enough of it think longer term and look forward to getting to the point where it makes all the difference in the world to you. I really wouldn't be without mine now.


I've got no choice it has to work or it's a hysterectomy within months. The coil didn't work last time for me I didn't stop bleeding however what we are trying now it the coil & the pill together. Thank u so much on your advice. After 15 years fighting endo it's now adeno to deal with so tired of it all x


Hi I got the same news last week but I haven't got 12 month Iv got until they can get me an appointment :-/ Iv got 2 boys 7 and 10, Iv had 3 laps and removed endo every time my last 1 was November and never removed the pain So I to am really scared. I'm not bothered about more children I don't think just don't like the idea of no choice I no I'm sick of being in pain and it's ruining my life. I hope you get sorted and be happy your not alone and nothing is in your head :-)


My husband left four years ago so I'm a single mum. I've got a mix of emotion on what if I meet someone, 31 is to young and taking the choice away like you. My head is all over the place today yes I want the pain gone and the bleeding is a nightmare. Hysterectomy is so final. The consultant said he does think I will be able to have another baby anyway. Gutting. However we need to remember we have our babies and some don't even get that x


Hi I'm sorry your having a bad time, I had 5 laps and then a hysterectomy a year ago, I am also very lucky to have 2 children but I have to say it wasn't until the consultant told me after the hysterectomy that my ovaries disintegrated in his hands that I realised how bad things were ! And then realised I was never having more children anyway!!! As for my health now I have never been so well !! No pain is a strange feeling I have to say but it is so nice to feel well, I had a leading professor of endo do my op and he was brilliant fantastic care, I am now on evorel hrt patches and testo gel and I feel great x so good luck and I hope it is as successful for you as it has been for me x good luck


Thank you catcat. I think it hit home yesterday when he was putting the coil in. It was like he was touching it I was screaming, climbing up the bed and crying. Hysterectomy is just so final x


Hi Clem,

I also have adenomyosis. I get severe uterine cramps.... Torrential periods and back pain. I was diagnosed with adeno last December but I've had Endo for 20+ years. I am now 43 and have 3 children.

I know having a hysterectomy will not cure the endometriosis but I do know it will solve the severe cramps & bleeding and get rid of the adenomyosis.

I am also trying the mirena again. It's made my periods incredibly light. As yet it hasn't helped with the pain.

Having a hysterectomy is YOUR choice. Please do not let anyone talk you out of it.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


I feel your pain. I'm 38 and have endo and lot's and lots of adhesions. I went to my consultant two weeks ago and have been told I need a full abdominal hysterectomy. When they first said I need a hysterectomy I thought I've got to children and I dont want anymore. But now I've been put on the waiting list I think about nothing more. but admittedly although it is hard I will hopefully have no more pain. Couldnt bear the thought of having my periods again because of the pain that I was in. I wish you the best of luck with your future. Xxx


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