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Just had surgery and good news :)

I had my third laparoscopy yesterday, it was just a exploratory operation ready for my major op in september, and they've found out the severe stage 4 I have has not grown through my bowel after all, just stuck to me abdomen through the endo. So I won't need to have part of my Bowels removed, awesome news. Also I was told both my Fallopian tubes had toxic liquid and needed to be taken out. When they looked they saw a big cyst on my left tube and the damage in that tube using a dye. But luckily my right tube looks healthy and the surgeon said there should be no reason I cannot conceive naturally with the one tube, this has made my day. I'm on zoladex right now, I have two more and then I'll be ready for my op. Once this has been done and I've recovered can anyone give me help with the best time to start conceiving? I've seen on here after being on the zoladex and the surgery to remove the endo, you get the "window" of time to try and get pregnant before the endo starts to spread again, any personal stories or advice would be amazing! I'm grinning again knowing I could have kids after all. :)

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Brilliant :-)


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