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Anyone had to travel for their surgery?

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Hi all,

I’ve recently found myself in a bit of a situation where I’m now having to travel for my lap. Originally I was supposed to have had it by August but the hospital got backed up with surgeries and I’ve got a date this month instead (story of all our lives right?) I’m moving this week and the surgery was supposed to have happened in the summer so I didn’t really think I’d be in this position and the hospital said I’d have to go through the system again if I tried to get the surgery elsewhere starting from a gp visit. I have to travel over 100 miles for it and my boyfriend doesn’t drive, his mum would have taken us but she has surgery on her foot the day before can you believe! So we’re debating if it would be safe to get the train home after surgery, anyone had any experience of public transport after surgery? Or anyone got any kind of advice? Unfortunately we don’t have anyone to take us there and back. Sorry for the long post!

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Hello, oh no what a situation to be in.

I am sure if you have a general anaesthetic then someone will have to be with you when you leave the hospital & for 48 hours after.

I suppose it depends on yourself if you were well enough to get on the train. I love a bit away from the hospital and I have been told I am staying in for 1 night (reason because my house is far away and because of other medical issues). Could that maybe be the case for you?x

My lap i had a few days ago meant travelling into London... however... it was 100% worth it as my gyne at the local hospital kept calling me a liar and saying i had nothing wrong... i had alot wrong when the gyne at UCLH opened me up! The previous gyne had even told me i had never had surgery before regardless of seeing my discharge note from my previous surgery on his computer in the notes. Totally 100% worth the travel to get a good doc... also whatever expenses you have due to travel can be claimed back after if you get a receipt. I am not sure how you go about it but i had to get a taxi there and have the receipt so i can try to claim back later when i am up to it.

As for the train as long as it is like over 24 hours after and you book yourself an actual seat so you know you won't be standing or pushed...whilst incredibly uncomfortable it may be do able...however all travel after surgery is going to be sore xx

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Carolamb in reply to Vikkie2102

Uch is an excellent hospital. I wasnt under it for my endo but my hubby and friends are for other things and received excellent care. Good luck for your future

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Vikkie2102 in reply to Carolamb

They are fantastic and the best hospital i have ever been under!! Thank you and same to you!!!!

Sorry to bring another conversation up but how do you claim back the money from those expenses ?

Hey i honestly have no idea. I am waiting for my friend to come over next week to show me how as she has had to do it many times before.

Blimey! that's an awful situation but if you have to rely on the NHS -I suggest you go for it because Endo can be so painful and uncomfortable and by having it done it will ease your anxiety, then the notes from the op can be sent to your new GP. As Allthatglitters said you will not be allowed out of hospital after a general so a nights stay should be the norm. If there is really no one who can help you(boyfriends best friend etc) then a train maybe more comfortable, and quicker than by car. But you need someone with you! The train should have a toilet and take an emergency pack with you such as pads, pain killers, a cushion just to make you comfortable. Just had a thought would the patients association be able to offer some advice?

Good Luck

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Ari3l in reply to Linley

Yeah the pain is why I’m unwilling to go through the system all over again! On my letter it says outpatient procedure and the hospital confirmed that I should be able to leave the same day, I’d be really wanting to get home as soon as I can. I’ve not heard of the patients association so I will definitely look into that, thank you. :)

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Linley in reply to Ari3l

Really feel for you-good luck and let us know how you get on x

Hi, you will probably stay in over night if you live that far away. You probably could get the train if you had someone with you x

Ive had 2 laps in past and been sent home both times that day after ive recovered. Think it depends on time of day u have it done too as to whether u go home. I would find a way of getting there and back, dont put off your appt otherwise you'll have to start all over again. Can u stay in hotel?

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Ari3l in reply to Carolamb

I believe mine is an afternoon slot so maybe it’s best to book something to be in the safe side?

Yeah when I called up to find out they told me I’d have to go through my gp and the whole system again and I’ve heard far too many stories on here about gps saying they can’t find notes and procedures so I don’t want to put myself in that position. Seems like everyone with endo goes through far too much to get their diagnosis so I’d like to keep my appointment if I can.

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Carolamb in reply to Ari3l

Yes, definitely book a hotel room or speak to hospital to see if they would consider letting you stay overnight under the circumstances. No, dont cancel you need to have the lap asap..can i ask where your op will be and where u will be living at that time?

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Ari3l in reply to Carolamb

Yeah I should give the hospital a call and ask really, I don’t want to lose my date due to there being no beds though, does that happen?

My op will be in Plymouth and I’ll be living in the Bristol area

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Carolamb in reply to Ari3l

Oh ok, thought it might be london or around there cos you could have stayed with me. Yes, speak to someone in authority connected with the dept doing the op and see what they say, you can but ask. When i had my ovaries removed i was in hospital overnight and discharged next morning. However, hubby couldn't pick me up until late next day, around 11pm and ward happy to let me stay. Good luck x

Hi there. You won't have a day surgery so hopefully you will get a few days in hospital to recover and when stable discharged home and hopefully by that time you will feel a bit better. Obviously travelling won't be that comfortable but if I need to take any public transport I would choose train rather than a car because I think you have more space and must be more confortable (unless you have some friend that can pick you up and take you home quicker that the train).

Good luck for your op,


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Ari3l in reply to Annarocha1

I called the hospital yesterday and they confirmed it was an outpatient procedure and I will be able to go home the same day unless the consultant feels I’m not well enough. I may book a hotel just to be on the safe side, but I’d really rather get home as soon as I can, my boyfriend will be with me so I wouldn’t be alone on the train and the hospital told me they wouldn’t discharge me without someone being with me anyway.

Thanks, I’m really nervous! x

I had to have a full hysterectomy. I was kept in for two nights, the first because I only came out of surgery late evening. So had the surgery late Thursday and took the train home Saturday afternoon. It was supposed to be a simple straight road bus journey to the train station but the train was cancelled and I had to get a bus across town, lots of twists and turns on the journey, that was not fun and quite sore but I survived. I'd a 2 hour train journey sitting on the floor as there were no seats, then another hour with a seat.

Although I had two nights in I would have gone home the next day if I had been allowed.

I think you'll find post opp pain far less than what you're currently experiencing but if you've had a general anaesthetic they usually only discharge you if you have someone with you. So probably best to arrange a friend to go with you and possibly book into a hotel or B&B nearby for the night.

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Ari3l in reply to NW248

You had to sit in the floor after surgery? That’s absolutely disgusting, I can’t believe it! My train journey will be roughly 2 and a half hours and I’ll have a to get a taxi from hospital to station and station to house, the nurse actually told me she wouldn’t let me leave if I got a bus at me pre op.

I’m thinking it maybe be best to book a hotel because if the do keep me in overnight my boyfriend will need somewhere to stay haha. I keep hearing that the day after the pain is far worse than the day of so that’s why I’m so determined to get home, was it that way for you? x

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NW248 in reply to Ari3l

I was being forced to take painkillers in hospital although I insisted I didn't need them, didn't have any once I'd got home. So hard to say. But honestly, the pain was about a tenth of what I'd had every bloody period for my entire life (when I wasn't on the pill)

Oh gosh, I stayed in overnight after my surgery and could barely walk from the hospital to the car the next day.

Mostly due to the shoulder tip pain from the gas, it’s a paralysing pain that literally buckled me over. It can last up to 72 hours after surgery. The only relief I could get was from a heat pack. I strongly recommend trying to take some kind of heat pack / hot water bottle for the journey as well as a pillow for your tummy xx

Is there any chance you could grab a night in a hotel or air bnb before you make the trip home? Or would hospital keep you in a second night if you explain you’re only options to get home? Might be worth a shot ?

Why is it that they overcomplicate things for us as if it wasn't difficult enough! I think you shouldn't miss this appointment to start from GP all over again, it will drive you mad. It would make sense to stay for a couple of days closer to the hospital though in case you feel bad and then you need to take the train again. Maybe getting an Airbnb or similar? In my case I didn't go back to the hospital after my lap surgery but I guess you want to know you can go to see the doctors that operated you if you don't feel well afterwards... Good luck xx

Hi, it might be worth calling to see if you would be eligible for hospital transport. Not sure of all the rules but there's a link here and it's probably a long shot but you never know x

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