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Endo and sciatic tingling?


I had endo diagnosed a year ago. Ive had no treatment so far; was on the pill but it didn't agree with me so I'm waiting for a second lap to cut away endo.

One of the places I have endo is the pouch of Douglas. Recently I've been getting a tingling in my very lower back by my tailbone down into my bum and rectum area ( I think that's the general area). I have had pain in that area in the past too. Could the endo be getting worse and be creating these symptoms? Or could it be something else? I'm a bit of a worrier and tend to jump to the worst. Has anyone experienced this or have any advice for me? Thanks x

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Pain in tailbone (coccyx) can be due to hormones affecting the tendons that hold it in place and/or the uterus or endo adhesions pressing on it. More info here healthunlocked.com/endometr...

You only mention sciatic tingling in the title of your post. This is also very common with endo. The pelvic area is very busy anyway but with endo added into that space there is an increased chance of organs being displaced and pressing on nerves.

Seeing as you are going to have the endo removed, I think it is very likely that this situation will improve. I personally don't feel it is anything to worry about and should clear up following surgery. Do mention it to your specialist at least for the record.


Hi Hun I get these symptoms. I also get pain in my leg and groin from it. X


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