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Waiting for my op


I'm currently sitting in my hospital gown waiting to go down for my lap.

I've seen the consultants and have said I don't want the mirena put it and to stick with my combined pill. Every time i have changed from this pill I have had problems and I do not want any more symptoms on top of what I already have. It's been a horrible year and I don't want to have to deal with new symptoms whilst it settles down. May have to change my mind at a later stage but for now no.

The consultant said he will remove endo if he finds it but if it's complicated ie organs stuck together etc then they will discuss this after the op with me and decide on next step. This is good as of it does turn out to be more complicated then I would prefer to then get referred to a endo centre.

He did say that by not having the mirena and if it does turn out that I have adeno as well, then the bleeding will still be the same. But to be honest the bleeding is not that bad- no where near as much as when I was not taking the pill in between children.

So fingers crossed he finds the endo and removed it and all is fairly simple.

This could well be the first of several laps/treatment to help with my symptoms but at least I am on the road to finding out what I have.

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Good luck with your lap hun, you'll be fine, fingers crossed you get the answer your after, and i hope your not in too much pain when you come round.

Let us know how you get on

Emma xxx



I'm now back in my room after the op. I think I was the first on the list as I went down by 9.30.

Still feeling groggy but assume that's the general.

Just about to have a cuppa.

Bit sore for the incision above Pubic area.

Will see what the consultant says when he comes round later, as to what he found and did.



Oh wow that was quick, and amazing that your so with it! After mine i was still feeling groggy and horrible for several hours! Glad you've had it done though (so many women say they've had theirs cancelled whilst they've waited!)

Hope its not too long to wait for the consultant!

Emma Xx


It probably helps that although it's Nhs I've had it done at the local private hospital.

Shall see what the consultant says later. Can feel more pain now so they are getting me some pain relief.

Feeling slightly not with it but about to have a cuppa and a biscuit so sure that will help.



Well I have now seen the consultant.

He could find no endo anywhere and I asked if it could have been anywhere less obvious than ovaries and he said would have seen it as I've been having the symptoms for several years.

He showed me pictures of ovaries, womb etc and all are normal.

He did say my womb was larger than normal but otherwise looked fine, so it's possible that I have adeno. Said that if my pains at period time are unmanageable with paracetamol etc, then will need to reconsider the coil.

He did say my bowel looked bulky and that the symptoms I'm having could be down to the Bowel and IBS. Suggested looking at diet re IBS and removing items suggested on websites and to see about anti spasmodics. If that helps then bowel is issue.

So no need for a follow up appt as he told me everything just now.

Not sure what to think to be honest. My periods are not horrendous so don't see the point in mirena for that at this point.

Will try the diet and anti spasmodics and see if that makes a difference as Wheat was a major issue for me with my IBS from 19 onwards. Although last 10 yrs no where near as bad.

I guess if I try the pill back to back, diet and antispasmodics and I'm still experiencing the same things, then a re referral to an endo centre could well be required.



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