Laporoscopy no.2 :-(

Hi. This is my first ever post. I had a ruptured endometrioma in Feb last year. I then had laporoscopy to remove this in April & was diagnosed with severe endo. I was referred for IVF which I was due to start in March this year but at my screening test on Friday the transvaginal scan showed I have 2 endometriomas on my left ovary. How can this be? I was on decapeptyl injections for 6 months after my surgery (Apr-Sept) and then my period didn't return until a few weeks ago. I had a transvaginal scan on 16th Dec and was told my ovaries were both clear. How is this possible? I'm devastated that I need to have another laporoscopy less than 12 months after my first op and also that I can't start IVF in March now. Has anyone else had a similar prob or can anyone give me any advice :-( x x

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  • I had ivf even though i still had an endometrioma present. They weren't sure that they would be able to get to the eggs on the side with the endometrioma so the plan was they would just use the other ovary, however they managed to get eggs from both sides in the end.

  • Thanks for the reply N1-9. They've told me one of the endometriomas is 4cm which is too big for them to go ahead with IVF treatment. How long ago did you have your treatment and can I ask how it all went?

  • I had started my treatment in sept, mine was a little smaller than that as I had had it drained in a lap in June.

    The ivf was a success for us, very lucky girl! Don't give up!

  • OMG that's absolutely amazing and has really given me hope. Thanks x x x

  • stick in there, i refused decapeptyl..1st lap was discussed we will go in and just take everything away..i refused then suggested deca after surgery severe endo fused every repro organ of mines together including leisions to bladder and bowel fused to pelvic wall...i have took every hormone they suggested and only made matters worse and gave me a whole new set of problems so after my last surgery, thought to hell with it..fingers crossed that was 3 yrs ago..endo is still a very misunderstood to gynaes they will only offer what they have been taught, one thing i will say is do some research and source a local gynae who specialises in this..

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