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Confused and scared

Hi!! Im currently 6 days post op 3rd lap. My consultant originally said he would remove my right ovary. However after surgery i was told that my ovary was stuck to the pelvic wall and "unstuck" the ovary made a suspension, but left my ovary alone. Now im frightened as it was the right ovary which caused the pain and im scared that there is no more they can do. They have refused to give me a hysterectomy. What could be my next option. (Been told i could only have 3 laps)

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Hi Louise

Why have they refused you a hysterectomy? I had a hysterectomy in January which I had to fight for, but its the best decision I have made. Its your body no gp or gyny or even specialist knows how you are feeling and how you are effected. Hear if you need someone to talk to about things.x


There is more they can do for you, it's just that your doctor has reached his limit of capabilities with what he saw. So rather then admit that, it seems you are being told no more operations. (but it is true that the more surgeries you have, the more likely it is for adhesions to form). I just had my 3rd lap in 5 years (with the 2 just over a year apart). My doctor has reached her limit of capabilities as well, so I am going to have to search for a new doctor. I just had my complete hysterectomy in April. I am 35 with no kids, and my doctor ran out of ideas and wanted me to have the hyster to try and stop the pain. Since I never wanted to give birth, I am ok with this decision. What I am upset about is the fact that she never cuts the endo out, she just burns it. Which never completely removes the pain, and makes for more surgeries.

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Also, it might not have been the ovary causing the pain, but more that it was stuck to something and couldn't move when it was supposed to. I always have pain where my right ovary was. Turns out I had lots of endo right where the ovary sits on. So it was rubbing the endo spots constantly.


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