hi I have just joined on here so hello to you all :-)

I have finally been told I have an underactive thyroid 7 weeks ago! although I probably had it a couple of years before that my last blood text 2 weeks ago was 0.8 which my gp said is normal I don't understand them yet! also as soya interacts with thyroxine I have stopped my tablets and now have awful flushes!!! back today as felt rubbish head all over the place! tearful agitated tired been put on citalopram 10mg to see if this helps with calming down my flushes and sort my head out

no increase until my next blood test 6 weeks away is this all normal?? and I cannot understand the gps not knowing anything about your thyroid!!! have had to read lots and try and help myself any advice would be very grateful!!!! :-)

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  • Hi hun.

    I have a under active thyroid. Are the pills you taking for your thyroid?x

  • yes I take 50mg thyroxine

  • How long have you been taking that does? Do you take any medication ?x

  • Sorry hun that wasn't clear do you take any other medication other than thyroxine? Like contraceptive pill or anything you take on a daily basis x

  • about 7 weeks now and have just been put on citalopram 10mg

  • nothing else other than that

  • So when you say you have stopped taking your tablets due to interactions with soy do you mean the thyroxine x

  • hi no still take thyroxine just stopped taking the soya isoflavins for the flushes and they have come back! but they will pass again just have to live with it lol x

  • Oh i see sorry. Thyroid is very tricky. when I got diagnosed I was really unwell I was in bed all the time, I literally u had no energy,i was freezing cold shivering in august. My level was really low can't remember what it was now but I got hospitalised so they could bring it up slowly and safely. It takes about 6 months for them to get your dosage right I was having bloods done every few weeks and when they get the correct disease you shouldn't have any side effects. Have they said you will be having bloods every few weeks. Problem is lots of medication effect thyroxine so it's tricky xx

  • well the last gp said bloods in 3 months which would be july the one I saw today said 6 weeks and that's when I will go back! its a tough road but as long as there is light at the end of it just have to manage through it as best I can you were poorly! do you feel better now x

  • I would go with the 6 weeks hun, 3 months is to long your body does funny things they had to keep increasing my dose I'm now on the max of 200 mg

    Yes i felt a lot better after about 6 months when the medication was at right level. Now I just have the endo and adenomyosis to deal with and they make me very fatigued but not like the thyroid that really was bad. What were your symptoms for your thyroid x

  • will defo go in 6 weeks my symptoms were feeling freezing cold my weight was all over the place became irritable and tired all the time rubbish memory was falling asleep all the time that was enough for me! recon I had these symptoms for a couple of years before I got told what it was

  • Yes sounds like how I was with mine it was awful I would literally my day on bed because I was tired and cold in the winter I was inside with the heating on a coat it was awful. From what I can see from your reading of blood you were on the lower side of normal, some Dr will treat this and others won't, which I don't understand because you can still have the symptoms on with a "normal" blood range. I hope it settles for you soon hun xx

  • thanks will wait til my next blood test then if its much the same I will get a higher dose! as for the citalopram really don't think I need it just think the thyroid is not regulated properly and its throwing everything else out but will take it and see really shocked at how much the gps really don't know about this I have found all my info from the net and on here even seeing an endo is not always as good as it seems either don't these docs know that they are managing the quality or not of the way we feel and live?

  • I agree I had about 4 visits to Dr feeling unwell with the symptoms first they said I had Flu then a virus. The only reason they worked it out was because my mum has a under active thyroid and when she saw me on sofa all wrapped up it suddenly came to her as it's hereditary. I know it's so tough and they down play it but it's serious because if you stopped taking your thyroxine slowly all your organ will start to slow down. Have you filled in your form for prescription certificate. X

  • yes done and got it and yes its not as simple as it looks just take this tablet everyday.........does not make everything better! there is auto immune illnesses in the family that's why I got this x

  • No they make it sound like pop a pill each day and you will be fine. Though mine is definitely better i would say I don't feel as normal as I did before I got diagnosed xx

  • good luck with getting sorted out you have a lot going on! x

    must be hard with children to xx

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