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endo/adenomysis /hysterectomy

I was diagnosed with endo and possible adenomysis in feb this year i had a novasure eblation and endo removed in several places but a hysterectomy has been talked about .. i also suffer terrible with severe bloating of my stomach (to which i look about 6 /7 month pregnant) has anyone who s had a hysterectomy still have a bloating tummy or has it gone down since surgery ?

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Hi so sorry for all you've experienced, I've got Endo and was encouraged to get a hysterectomy - I didnt. With all my heart I encourage you to research, read carefully as having this very big thing done - does not mean the endo will go. Many women go through it and are left with probs.

my stomach ballooned also, but I'd have terrible bowel probs ( as well the pains) but my tum issues was the 2nd worst offender - so I totally get what your saying. So several years ago I took responsibility for my own health. I cut wheat , gluten, diary, meat , sugar, processed food all out. Got tests and they all showed up. This is what sort my belly & lower back bloat ( I go up 2 dress sizes) - after doing this I cut pain by 95% and lost over 1 stone.

I Took acupuncture, reflexology, meditation, yoga. Worked on my attitude towards my health, womb, women good, period & tried to be more positive ( faked it till I made it!) as i detested my womb, belly for many many years. It was attacking me and I "Hated it" in return. It was like womb-war every month for 2-3weeks I'll - then 1 weeks to recover. I was resentful.So I switched it up, follow a plant based diet - and I am not leading a dull life, nor am I loaded! I just made little changes. Read Dian mills endo diet health book. Reserch L-glutamine ( veggie powder version) & plant based Sunwarrior protein, don't eat late at night ( after 7) I took castor oil packs, cut stress as much as you possibly can. Negotive relationships, family - any energy-drain suckers - I made space. I left my job to be self employed -do I could help others & heal me ( I teach yoga full time)

Buy 15 minute yoga dvd by Louise grimes. Do slow breathing inhale belly big - exhale belly flat. Do this 1-3 mins every day. Soft soft squidgy belly - let it completely relax - not forced breathing.

When you used your loo, put your feet on a little box/footstool, (like your sort of squatting) and lengthen your spine - when you sit - so don't slump on the loo. When your waiting for anything - in your day to day - Rub your belly clockwise with your hands -send it some love. Try "Mayan Abdominal massage" ( Google it) - most of all don't give up! Big key with stomach issues and endo is stress! Cut that - and your helping your gut massively. Which In turn will absorb vits/ mins better to help you fight this evil-endo! You keep going - head high xxx

Ps don't rush into hysterectomy - Pls pls consider giving your womb time x

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Hysterectomy recommended to me too about a year ago. I ran for the hills and found a better surgeon.

I also had the bloating and bad digestion scenario up until the time I changed my diet a year and a half ago following similar guidelines outlined by Breathe. Lost weight too.

Abdominal surgery always upsets the bowels so bloating can occur for quite a while after if left unchecked. Changing diet will help along with walking and yoga.

There are plenty of women who have had a return of endo following a hysterectomy and by that I mean removal of ovaries too. If the adenomyosis is really bad then there could be a case to remove the uterus but keep the ovaries and maintain a good diet and lifestyle advised by Breathe. Do your research and find what's right for you. I wish you well.

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Thanks Brownlow for your comment as i said to breathe i dont want to rush into anything i remeber my gyno saying to me that my uterus was HUGE when i had the laparoscopy , i just assumed that could be the underlying problem with my HUGE tummy i also had blood tests done at my follow up to check if my kidneys/liver were working fine cos she said sometimes if theres a problem with them it causes the tummy to bloat but they came back fine x


Thanks Breathe for your comment i certainly DO NOT want to rush into anything .. having a hysterectomy is such a HUGE step ... im blessed with 3 beautiful daughters so im finished on having more children and im only 39 so still quite young, but changing my diet ill certainly take on board ive suffered with a huge stomach for 10 years now and it gets me so upset and angry as im so thin everywere else i look and feel totally out of porportion x


Hello, I'm 38 & Yep can see everything your saying & agree with brownlows points. It's wonderful you've children -Im so glad your just going through the motions of it & not rushing - I felt sad when I read ur post. We shouldn't have these things put on us in this way - it's hard enough to deal with endo, then that to chew over. But The wisest of us can ditch our wisdom , and succum to the harshest of so called " medicine" and " treatments" that are "right" for us, cos were so tired of being sick & tired / or doubting what we already know. it's just so bloomin hard to battle it.

So I think it's great your weighing up your options carefully. the womb in many cultures is considered as the womens 2nd brain but in the west many hospitals/drs ( I know not all but ..) treat it like a decayed tooth - don't they... - "oh just have it out" it's useless - kind of attitude. "What do you need it for?" Huh..makes me frustrated - such a bad attitude that's ingrained and festered

( I'm shaking my head)

Re your tummy.

I was about a 33/34 inch waist now I'm 25-26, it was diet, lifestyle, stress that did it. The second biggest help was L-glutamine powder vegetarian by lamberts, and any pro biotic kind of enzymes ( raw reserve greens powder do them in the jar - or you can get other brands) - to help break down food/Max absorption . I think natural Basil herb does this too. Google it x And I had lots of allergies a ( proper ones) and sensitivities I didn't know about. So I had mucus, toxins and all that, for a long time - which got worse.

The veganism plus supplements was a huge shift but I think even the smallest changes can make massive difference. Another thing, leave 30 mins after eating a meal before you drink. Don't eat & drink at same time - see if that helps.

Obviously we are all different & genetics play a part to be honest even tho I'm now smaller I still have a pot belly but I now love it. And it still swells around my period - but about 2 inches - so no where near like before, I would bully it, grapple it, pull it, cry over it, huff at it etc etc. when I learnt to not do that that & embrace the above it went x

Do what you can x and keep on trucking ...onward & upward to pain free healthy happy days x


My gyno also said that she wasnt happy with my novasure eblation as im still having periods and that the whole point of getting it done was to stop them. i must admit they are no way near as bad as they were... so thats a bonus !


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