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Hi everybody I just thought I would share my story so far which may be helpful.

I have suffered from endo symptoms for the last seven years. I have been pushed and pulled from one doctor to the next, having smears, ultra sounds, blood tests ect and have never got anywhere.

I have had numerous trips to the A+E department in need of pain relief but once the pain has been treated and they have worked out I did not need immediate attention they sent me home.

In Feb I researched where the endometriosis specialists where in the UK, I found the nearest one to me which was in London and printed all the relevant information. I made a doctors appointment and gave my doctor the relevant information and asked to be referred. After discussing this my doctor referred me and I got an appointment come through a month later.

I have been to that appointment today, i prepared by writing down all my symptoms and researching the next steps by using the endometriosis UK website. After this appointment they took my bloods and put me on the surgery list to have a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy within the next 12 weeks.

It seems that i needed to take the lead and present them with information and be very assertive with my answers in order for them to take me seriously. I hope this story can be of some help to you guys who are still suffering and aren't getting the treatment or answers you need.

I am now really worried about having the laparoscopy having not had any operations before or been under any type of anaesthetic. If anybody has any advice on what i should do on the day and day after please let me know. thinking about this is giving me anxiety hopefully this will pass.

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Hi lovely.

I am glad that you are moving towards getting your laparoscopy and hopefully some answers regarding your possible endometriosis.

I had my first laparoscopy 7 weeks ago, I was terrified having had no previous surgeries.

I can honestly say it's fine nowhere near a bad as I imagined it would be .you really don't know a lot about the anesthetic they put a cannula in my hand them took me in to a small room the other side of the theatre, I got on the bed and they started putting the syringes of anesthetic in my hand and next thing I was gone, it was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be.

The next thing I remember coming round being a bit confused as to where I was and and drifting in and out the cane round and remembered.

You are sore when you come round but it's manageable with the pain relief you are given in hospital and to take home, best advice is take pain medication regularly don't wait for the pain to hit.

I hope this reassurance helps you and that you get some answers soon.

Jo xx


Thank you so much for your kind response. This has definitely made me feel a lot better about having the laparoscopy. I was worried about the whole getting put to sleep and how do i wake up thing aswel so its nice to feel at ease about that.

Its so nice to be able to ask questions and to get answers from people who have been through or are going through the same things.

Have a great weekend :)



I completely understand, I am glad it has helped you.

I hadn't found this site prior to my laparoscopy and I really as terrified, but I know if I had heard from some of the other ladies I would have been less anxious about the whole thing.

I hope you get your appointment very soon and you get some answers regarding your pain.

Jo xx


My god, if you had seen or spoke to me before my lap on Tuesday, i don't know what you would of thought of me! I was so so scared! (just ask jo what i was like haha!) but honestly now, looking back on it, i don't know what i was so worried about! The anaesthetic is great! Best sleep ever! You are groggy and sore when you come round, but it quickly passed for me. You're sore for the days after so please stock up on lots of painkillers when you know you're going in. If you ask me what the worst part is, I'd say it was waiting around for the surgery on the day! You will be absolutely fine hun, trust me xx


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