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Saw new Gyn today

So I saw a new Gyn today- the original one I saw in Feb basically didn't give a shit and fobbed me off. New one thinks the advice first one gave was incorrect he's more willing to give me options.

I'm also have seen a gastroenterologist and he did some tests to see if Endo was growing in my colon- thank god nothing was there.

I'm going to have an ultrasound and go from there. Things are looking better for me but no clear cut answers but I feel as though someone cares.

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Hi hun.

Reqlly pleased that you have been refered to consultant.

It sounds like they are starting to mine in the right direction for you hun, I hope you get some answers soon xx


Hi - you are in a relatively good position in that no one has actually been into your pelvis and 'meddled' yet when they might not have been suitably qualified to know what they were looking for and it is very important that you now take control and direct where you want your treatment to go. Click on my username and read my posts on endo and its many possible symptoms and on Pouch of Douglas endo to see what symptoms you identify with and on how to find a specialist. Get back if you need any help. x


Sorry, I've posted previously, I was diagnosed in 2008 with endometriosis on my perienium near my appendix, I had a lap done and was put on Qlaira and was pretty good until I came off the meds to have my baby girl in March 14. I had no issue with having symptoms of endo apart from server morning sickness. Three months after my daughter was born the horrible symptoms came back and they have gotten worse each month.

Lindle, thanks for the advice but I'm actually know a lot about my illness, my endo lives behind the wall of my uterus that's why every time I ovulate or menstrate it becomes inflamed.

I'm pretty happy with my current OBGYO who specialises in endometriosis. It works a little differently here in Australia than the UK I think.


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