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Fed up with gyn's

As some of you know i saw a regular gyn late last year/early this year. Was to have lap for removal of endometriomas, hysteroscopy and mirena insertion. I have other health issues but gynae agreed. Next thing goal posts were moved & was told its too risky - my own medical team think im well enough. She wanted to treat with mirena & if not helpful would reconsider lap. Fast fwd i have had loads of problems with coil & have been utterly miserable. In between times ive done my homework on all my options. Saw gyn again who wanted me to persevere. Offered anaesthetic assessment for lap if i insisted i wanted it, but treatment would be with hellica where as I wanted excision. Formed view her experience of endo as a regular gyn wasnt great so decided on a 2nd opinion as she kept moving goalposts & giving conflicting info/advice. I asked her to refer for 2nd opinion to a colleague who is an endo specialist & bsge listed. Waited ages, told he wanted more info so presumed my referral was rubbish. Gp also requested early appt for me. Neither of us were making any progress & 8/52 later still not on waiting list for an appt, as no one would listen never mind help I made a complaint. Ive now learned from my gp he has said he has a full list, wont see me and I should be referred locally. Im upset & angry as i work in same nhs trust & know he does not have a full list. I think its due to it being 2nd opinion, complaint and anaesthetic risks. Gp writing back to say no i want seen but she has never encountered this before.

Sorry for long post but i needed to share. What happened to patients rights. So now 9 months after initial referral im in bother at work due to regular absences, in significant pain & bleeding daily with a host of other endo symptoms but its ok apparently!

Any thoughts or advice ?

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What area do you live in?

It sounds like the other gyni isn't comfortable with doing the op and if he isn't confident I wouldn't push to use him I would look for a surgeon that is fully confident in what he's doing. Xxx

This is such a crap disease and I know how you feel. X



so sorry to hear of your terrible time and treatment, I hope that you are able to get this sorted and someone will listen to you and take things seriously. I have been having reflexology treatment and found it has helped to relieve some of the pain and help me relax more, also my energy is better.

It is not too expensive and if you can find someone who specialises in women 's problems, even better. good luck and take care.


Yazza he is the expert so more than capable if doing my op. I seems Im being punished for complaining. I do not want treated elsewhere as my care is all on the one site, I have a complex history so my other med team need to be around. Will wait on formal response to complaint but planning on taking further.


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