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2nd lap and worried

Hi all. This is my first post on her. Please bear with me. I've always had heavy painful periods since I was 16. Ended up at gynae in 2011 with a cyst on right ovary. Got a lap carried out where they found endo on bladder and bowel with a "good size" endometrioma. Mirena placed and bowel endo left as surgeon didnt want to make a hole in my bowel. Mirena removed in dec 2012. TTC since but no luck. All the endo pains etc are getting worse. Saw IVF clinic for tests. My AMH was better than expected for my age - that was 15mths ago. Im booked for my 2nd lap on 12 may to see and treat and dye my tubes. I'm worried about my tubes being damaged, the after effects of lap and end of dreams of having another child. Sorry for length of rant.


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