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Wales - referral to England

Does anyone have experience of being treated in Wales for endo?

I know regulations state we're not to name individual hospitals or consultants on this site so without naming names I'll try to explain.

I live in the north of Wales and the only acredited centre is in Cardiff which is a good distance from my home (around a 5 hour drive).

Just wondered if anyone has had any success being referred to an acredited centre in England from Wales as there are two much closer hospitals to me but they're obviously over the border.

I'm due a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy but have done lots of research and am not at all impressed with the surgeon's credentials for the job. They also don't perform excision surgery there, only lasering.

Many thanks


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Yes, South Wales - PM me if you want :)


I have. I also live in N Wales and have managed, after much nagging, to get a referral to C. My first appointment isn't until next month so am unable to comment further! Message me if you want x

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I have been looking into this myself i am not booked in for anything yet but sure i will be soon ... we seem to be local to each other and I already know i do not want to goto the hospital in wales and will be asking for Chester , im just thinking if we dont ask we dont get x


Hi Sharon, my GP made an application for cross border funding about 3 weeks ago. I have been to my nearest hospital for a diagnostic laparoscopy (which they completely botched up, so I'm refusing to go back). Now I'm hoping to be referred to a nearby hospital in the North West of England for excision surgery. Haven't heard anything back yet but I have my fingers firmly crossed!

I think I might have seen you on FTWW so feel free to pm me for more details if you want.

Rebecca x

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oh no what an arse , I would refuse too .

Will keep the fingers crossed for you .

Yeah I joined that FTWW just now today cant see you on there tho I have no idea what you look like lol , im surname ludgate so feel free to add x


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