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Horrendous pain need advice please ladies!!

Hello everyone. I have suffered from endemetriosis symptoms for a couple months now I have a US scan on my tummy and internal. It showed up that both ovaries had cysts inside and my right ovary is 21cm big and a normal ovary should be under 10cm. Do the pain is so painful. I'm crying myself to sleep every night, I can only take certain pain killers due to my epilepsy medication. I had to go a&e the other night as the psin was awful, I struggled to get up and get dressed and to walk, I started bleeding and being sick. I used a tampon and the pain got worse! Has anyone had any problems using tampons? As I never have till now. It all seems to be getting worse and the docts still think it's also endo! Seeing a gyno on Friday! X

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Hi, sorry you are suffering, I don't use tanpons so can't comment but it dose make sence that they are playing you up if your overies are in larger and you have cysts, I would use towels from now on, until you no what is happening,

Make sure you write all your symptons down and take with you in Friday, it's very easy to walk out and forget to mention certain things, tell them everything you can think of how ever small.

Good luck xxx

Let us no how you get on


Thank you for replying :) yes I've now learnt to just use towels just doesn't feel as pleasant and clean but hopefully the gyno will tell me some gd news with what the next step is! Xx


Hi. Sorry to hear you're suffering. I used to use tampons but don't anymore as it was too painful. I would have shooting pains from my vagina/cervix up through my tummy. I now find it much more comfortable to just use pads. Hope you're feeling better soon. X

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