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Advice please :)

Hi ladies,

I'm currently in Australia on a working holiday visa (what typical timing)

I've always had suspected endometriosis but the symptoms became severe whilst here. I've had scans here showing my right ovary has almost disappeared, this is the area where I have the constant stabbing, ripping pains, especially when walking, sometimes in nearly impossible. The scan also showed that what's left of my right ovary and my uterus are adhered my my right pelvic wall, as they couldn't get any movement at all. There was also extra fluid in pouch of Douglas. I bleed most days, maybe 4 days of spotting inbetween periods which can last up to 9days. But basically I bleed in some form every day. I'm on a progesterone only pill which I've been on for years. It originally stopped my bleeding but of course now this isn't the case.

I'm on the waiting list to see a gynaecologist under their public system, I'm aware that I will need a laparoscopy. However like any public health system the wait is long and every day I'm getting worse. I've arranged a ln appointment with a private gynaecologist in the meantime to maybe help symptoms and stop condition getting worse. What questions should I be asking him? And what treatments may help?

Has anyone else had a similar story?

I just want to go to my appointment fully prepared- especially as it costs so much!

I also want to add how lucky we are in the uk with our NHS system, the wait may be frustrating but it's free. Each trip to the gp here is $70, scans are $250 and medication costs are much more than at home. These are the costs regardless of If you are a public or private patient. I never realised how much we take for granted!

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I mentioned this book yesterday on another thread, and again today - apologies for the straight copy and paste here as I'm just getting ready for work. Someone is going to think I'm the author or something! The author is an Australian endo specialist I think so you can probably get this in store over there rather than online.

I found this book incredibly useful when I was first diagnosed and feeling confused and scared.


It is a really straightforward resource on symptoms and treatment options and was brilliant at giving me information before I saw my consultant. It also gives other possible options if the symptoms are not endo. Go armed with a list of questions and don't be afraid to write them down and get them out to refer to. In my experience I have had really good responses from doctors when I have been informed and know a bit about the treatment options available.

Once again, sorry for the 'lazy' reply. Hope it goes well.


I have the book SallyBowles has recommended too. I bought it not long after I was diagnosed and i still refer to it now, it really is an excellent tool.



I live in Australia and my biggest piece of advice would be to make sure the gynaecologist specialises in treating endo. I would say this to any woman where ever they lived in the world, but yes the cost of medical care here in Australia (a country that prides itself on it's "free" healthcare system - what a joke) is not cheap. There is a FB group Endometriosis Australia Discussion Group which is a closed group that you might want to join if your are on FB, as then you can ask other women specific questions about Australian Gyno's and specialists.

Totally agree that you should right down questions and also take a notepad and pen so you can write things down , it's so easy to forget what they said the minute you walk out the door in my experience.

And in the meantime maybe have a look at the endo diet, this at least is something you can do that really costs nothing and might bring some pain relief whilst you wait for a lap.

Also I would try local libraries too to see if they have the book SallyBowles recommended - you can usually search library catalogues online.

Best of luck


Thanks for the FB group info, will look into this x


Indeed, welcome to Australia! Having been here for nearly 3 years now from the UK yes, it has taken a while to get used to paying every time you visit the doctor. Miss the NHS and never thought I'd say that!!

Anyway, on the plus side they are very health conscious and thorough here with some of the world's leading specialists. Dr Susan Evans, author of the above book, operates out of Burnside Hospital here in South Australia and is very very good (one of my friend's sees her).

Like the others have said, just ensure the doctor you see specialises in endometriosis, explain all your symptoms and tests, and they will be able to advise the best course of action. Sounds like you will need a laparoscopy like you say. One of the requirements of our visa here was to have private health insurance and it does pay to have it as things get resolved a lot quicker. Good luck x


Its a good idea to write down all your symptoms too, even if you think they might not be related - you're bound to forget something while you're there. Make a note of the type of pains, w (eg ache, stabbing, dragging) where they are and when they occur - many of us have different types of pains at different times of our cycle. Other symptoms such as bloating, tiredness, leg pains should be mentioned as they could also be relevant and help towards a diagnosis.


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