Ovary pain

Hi Iv been suffering pain in the area were my left ovary is it comes and goes but wakes me up at night finding it hard to sleep as slight movement makes it worse I was giving a scan in September and found a 3cm cyst on left ovary and I'm due to see gynae on 19th November just want to know if any of you ladies have experanced this and did any thing help the pain xx

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  • I have - in all honesty I got too tolerant to pain relief and gave up on the pain relief. My advice is plenty of herbal tea, rest and drink a lot of water. Make sure you get the cst removed so you can be comfortable again. xxx

  • I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea and drinking lots of water and just doing heat pads as my painkillers make me very sick and spaced out they won't remove my cyst as only 3 cm I had one on right ovary and went away on its own cause when they were going in to do keyhole surgery their had disappeared only thing they found is endo in my womb and my pouch of Douglas was full of aheadions I'm going to tell the consultant evegythong when i c him on the 19th November xx

  • Hi my name is Kay& I am 34 years old & that's exactly how my continuous endometrios originally started which I hope you get to feeling better are you on them meds for seizures? & concidering you are in so much pain I would guess that it burst on you which is awful but until you find out what has changed rotate ibuprofen & old school aspirin & take warm baths to help you relax before you lay down & heat is good but if ice feels better use it it just depends on which one feels better & of course it won't take the pain completely away but it'll keep you off your knees from all the pain so much..Good luck on your visit I wish you the best.

  • Thanks so much for ur reply I can't take aspirin as it flairs up my asthma but using heat pads and having warm baths I also take tramadol and paracetamol plus ibuprofen but it not helping at all I think the one ur talking about for seidure is gabapentin I'll maybe suggest it to my consultant and c what he says thanks and all the best to u as well xx

  • Yea they would know the best not everything works out for different people ...good luck k

  • Thanks hope I get better sleep tonight as no had any last few nights

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