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Gluten and wheat intolerance and endo

I was really good and cut out wheat dairy and gluten as was told would help endo, I felt much better but 2 months ago when I was due on my period I had sugar cravings and kept eating "naughty" foods...

Since then I have struggled and had the worst period and pain ever this month and now snythe I eat anything with gluten or wheat in it's almost like I feel a lot worse...if u cut it out then start eating it again does it make u more sensitive? Just feel awful stomach pain etc

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Have you been for tests?

I got tested for intolerances & was positive for sugar/wheat/soya/rye/buckwheat/barley/5 E numbers/ 4 alcoholic drinks/cod & trout. Since cutting there's things out my diet I have had a massive reduction in pain. I still get pain only not as bad. I can eat small amounts of the above & be ok-ish but only now & then not all the time. Cutting out the above has been the hardest thing to do & I still grieve for bread/pasta/cakes etc. GF stuff is rank X


I find a lot of pain when I eat gluten and some dairy, since cutting down and practically stopping my periods have been so much more manageable (I only eat gluten about once a week and its a tiny amount when I can't resist). When I do eat a large amount, the pain is awful because your body gets used to it not being there, so when it comes back its can't cope x


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