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1st period after removal of endo


Hey was just wondering if anyone could tell me if its normal for 1st period after removal of severe endo to be really painful n do the periods get better the 2nd or 3rd etc time? Thanks.

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It is normal , my first period after my lap was the worse one I've ever had. But it's because your body is still healing ..A laproscophy is a big surgery a lot of stuff is going on inside your body and it has been poked and prodded .. Mine didn't get better until say my 4th but everybody is different , when I inform my gynocolagist about it he said it was normal. What medication do you take? Try a long hot bath, hot water bottle.. Must most of all rest. X

My periods were really bad the first 2 after the operation like a real 'dragging feeling' and very late which is unlike me. By the 3rd one I was totally pain free and back on track, like a miracle!! I'm also having accupuncture so not sure if that helped too!

Hope they are ok for you and wish a speedy recovery!! X

Thanks I'm just hoping they get better with time 😊.x.

Thank youse both very much for the replies..it's made me feel a bit better knowing its normal and let's just hope the next few periods ease off!😊x.x.

Hi, I had a lap and removal of endo behind uterus and ligament 13 days ago and had a period 4 days after, it was abit wierd kept coming and going for about 6 days and painfull, but obveriously still recovering from op so I was expecting the pain, hopefully next month will be better xxx

Bel1789 in reply to Tboag

Hey that's what I'm like I'm normally really heavy but the pains horrendous but not much of a period just a bit here n there..my op was 10 days ago so obv stil sore inside...here's to next month ay 😊 .x.x.

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