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worn out and in pain!!

Hello ladies

I am 28 years old I have endo and adenomyosis, recently I have had an ovarian cyst the burst and pre-cancerous cells removed with a loop excision from my cervix... Needless to say it's been a bit of a nightmare!!

I am currently signed off work as I don't feel myself at all I feel run down and constantly worn out (I'm assuming I've finally reached a point where waking up in pain and going to sleep in pain takes its toll physically and emotionally)

I'm assuming it's due to the adenomyosis (I don't have any children yet and have now been referred for assisted conception) but I suffer greatly with lower back pain to the point I can't move and have tried everything to relieve it such as prescribed pain killers, hot water bottle, deep heat, voltarol heat patches etc to no joy??! Has anyone else experienced this and if so what do you find works?

I understand that due to the adenomyosis my uterus swells which is more then likely what causes the pain but I'm getting so down with the constant battle!!!

Thanks in advance for any feedback

I love this group it's so nice to be able to talk to people who fully understand the situation 💜

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Hi, I've just been diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis, and I've suffered with back problems for years, now thinking it was to do with the adeno, ive been seeing a chiropractor on and off for years, and it did help quite a lot,

It might be worth a try


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Hi thanks for replying will have a look into it as I'm willing to try anything :) Xx


My boyfriend bought me a TENS machine it helps so so much with back pain- I used to cry begging for an epidural!!

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