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I have had the mirena in now for 5 months and have had no trouble with it. My periods have been normal with no spotting but this month when I was supposed to get my period I only got a bit of redish blood with some browny gooey discharge and that was it? I got all the cramps but no normal period? Is this normal or should I be worried about maybe being pregnant?

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This is my 2nd month n my peruid was similar.. my doc told me i may have no periods longer i have the coil. So sounds like we are lucky to be period free.

if u was worried take a test to ease your mind x


The same has happened to me for that last month or so. The same type of discharge and it comes and goes. I also had spotting for the first 5 weeks. I had the Mirena placed Dec 8, 2014.


My periods stopped completely in that I had no bleed at all after the Mirena had settled down. Definitely do a test if you are worried though or seek some reassurance from your GP.


Iv had my coil in for March last year I have been bleeding this time but had the coil in 5 years before and 5 years before that with no bleeding but now I have it's fresh blood at fist then brown for 2 weeks then I stop then back on for 2 days then stop its not like before when I never stopped bleeding so can not get my head round it why I am bleeding now I have got APS and on warfin now so don't knowif that's owt to do with it x


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