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Zoladex- 2nd round next week

Hi there, there's probably already been something abouth this on here already but can't see so thought I would ask you lovely ladies for advice 😄

So next week I've got my 2nd Zoladex injection and so far the side effects are ok - headaches and stabbing pains in stomach something I'm getting used to and the night sweats aren't too bad but what I am worried about is that this was supposed to STOP my period and it didn't. In fact when I had my last one it was horrific so was given mefanific acid by Dr (although that isn't as good as double dose ibuprofen lol). Anyway does anyone know if your period SHOULD stop on this or not?? Consultant wanted my in a menaupause state for 6 months but.......

Sorry for essay btw 😊

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Hi I'm experiencing the exact same thing but I'm due to get my 2nd injection tomorrow morning but Iv also been having a period which lasted 2 weeks and was the worst Iv had for years but I was also under the illusion that my periods were meant to stop for the full 6 month. Iv also experienced the headaches stomach pain and hot flushes but have been to scared to use the gel I was prescribed because I was already having a period and wasn't sure If I should or not so will be checking with the nurse in the morning. I will be also be asking what actually should be happening and will write to you again.

I'm sorry I avnt really answered your questions but hopefully I can tomorrow

Kelly xx


Hi - these medications work by stopping your pituitary gland sending messages to your ovaries to in turn stop eggs developing which effectively stops your cycles as would be the case in menopause. But at the start of treatment the hormones from the pituitary actually increase by what's called the 'flare effect' before they fall. I think this is likely to be the cause of a period but they should stop now.


I'm on prostap which I understand is similar - had my 3rd injection today - I had an awful period 2 weeks after 1st injection but not bled since then


Oh that is good to know thank you for that. Fingers x'd it will be the same for me😀


I hope so - I was really worried at first because was worse than any other period I had but it did settle


Yes mine was like a mega period from hell and as no-one told me it would happen I thought I was dying due to the pIn etc but hoping it gets better.

So glad to speak to you all. You are all fab thanx xx


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