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What to expect?


I have recently had my laparoscopy in which I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The doc had managed to remove it all which is good but also found a cyst in my ovary which has gone for testing. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has gone through a similar process and what is to be expected. I'm 22 years old and quite frankly have been so emotional during the process. Not many people understand what the condition is and I'm finding it difficult to explain why I'm so emotional. So many questions too.. How is the healing process from the lap? Any tips on improving comfort?

Thanks ☺️

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When did you have ur op? Buscopan cramp tablets are amazing for the wind.!


I had it Saturday. I've been using colpermin, as I already suffer heavily with constipation.


Oh bless you, any shoulder pain? I had mine a week tomorrow and feel much better now than I did and got better from day today. I have only taken a dose of Ibuprofen today so getting there. If you have a numb or sore shoulder, I really found my partner rubbing my forearm hard like I had banged itreally gave some relief. Take it steady I found getting up from bed helped sitting a little bit then going back to bed again really helped.


I had read up about the shoulder pain but think i got away lightly as haven't had any yet. Thanks for the advice! hot water bottle has been a god send! wish you a speedy recovery. x


I had my lap amd excistion of endo on sat too, they also diagnosed adenomyosis and in twisted my uterus, I'm not feeling to bad but am still taking morphing solphat that I was taking for the pain before my op, and ibrubofen and paracetamol. Mint tablets and teas are supposed to be good for the wind and mine hasn't been to bad so maybe that's working for me.

Good luck I hope you get some comfort from the op, xxx


Ouch, you too! Hot water bottle has been relaxing me as i have struggled sleeping. Will take your advise on the tea! wish you a speedy recovery! xxx


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