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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help. It's been 9 days since the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. I have 3 wounds (as I call them), the largest is of course my belly button, it looks horrendous! And has just made me feel dizzy and I have gone really pale. Will this gradually improve and look half normal?

My main concern is whether I am meant to keep them covered up or air them and give them room to breathe? I think I kept the previous dressings on too long as where the sticky bit it has gone bit red. I am seeing the consultant tomorrow and plan to give them air, is this the right thing to do? Any advice appreciated. L x

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I had my second laparoscopy with laser last week. I have three wounds, and like you, my belly button is mangled. I took the dressings off on the second day and have been letting them air, giving them a clean and wipe with tcp every morning and night. Salt water would work fine too. Mine are very nearly healed up.

Hope that helps.


Oh my good ness yes you shouldn't need dressings on them by now just keep clean with plain water the redness is prob the healing belly button always looks a bit grim but before you know it it will heal nicely don't worry

if you have dissolvable stitches takes around 3weeks for them to go



Don't try and do too much too soon. I went back to work after 2 days and ended up being signed off for 2 weeks as I burst my belly button stitches! Such fun! After 2 laparoscopy's my once cute belly button is now a cave! Lol

Hope you feel better soon



Hi honey,

Like you, after my lap I had 3 incisions & they completely butchered my belly button (now almost a year later it still looks awful). Keep the dressings off, & gently rinse the wounds a couple of times a day with some warm salty water/ saline solution & sterile cotton swabs. If the area starts to get really red, bleeds, weeps fluid or green/yellow pus, & you get any bad headaches, smelly vaginal discharge (sorry tmi lol), sickness or severe pain, just go straight to A&E. I had a few infections after my lap & they told me the same. Otherwise just let them air & keep them clean. The stitches will take a few weeks to disappear which is normal. Hope this helps xx


Thank you all for taking the time to reply, a great help and appreciate your help. I am keeping the dressings off now and cleaning with warm salt water. I saw the consultant today and she also cleaned them up for me as she realised that I have been scared to touch or even look, but thanks to you all I have got braver and faced the stitches. Thanks again :) X


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