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Finally getting somewhere - what if they cant find any more?

This morning i finally got a call from my hospital to say that my second laparoscopy and cystoscopy has now been booked for the 2nd week in April. I was so excited relieved that i cried when i got the call.

I have been back on the waiting list since the first week of December but had a never ending stream of appointments since last June!!!

My Endo pain has been managable since my removal of the mirena coil. I am also off the pill which is having a positive affect. I still occasionally bleed and get pain but this is not the worst it has been. The worst part is my bladder.

My fear is that they come back and say that they haven't been able to find any further endo or anything wrong with my bladder. If i hear those words i think i would just burst in to tears.

Have others felt the same before my appointment and how haver you eased these anxieties?

Thnak you in advance

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Hiya.. I've been thinking exactly the same. I finally got referred again to another gyno yesterday for another laproscohy.. My second .. It's just a waiting game now. Please let me no how u get on. I'm feeling anxious aswell as Ino this pain isn't normal and I'm very sure the endo has returned. Just stay positive your one step closer to knowing .. Xx

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Hi - the important thing is that you are being seen by a specialist in endo, especially with bladder involvement, and not a general gynaecologist. Then you can be confident they have found everything. This is vital. Click on my username and look at my post on endo specialist to check. x


Hallelujah someone in the same boat! I know this exact feeling. I've been referred back to my gynecologist following a lap over a year ago now to remove endo at the back of my womb and on and around my left ovary- I also have polycystic ovaries too- but since my last surgery my bladder has been so chronic and awful. It's the worst it's ever been-I'm trying to cope til my cystoscopy next Wednesday but am dreading that they won't find anything and tell me I'm insane. That's the worst part. I get up several times in the night, have constant urgency to go- struggle to wee and empty my bladder- I can go only to need to empty a tiny bit 5-10 minutes later. My bladder aches and throbs and stings and it hurts so much to wee. I've been on months and months worth of anti biotics- to which I'm resistant or whatever is happening is resistant. Guess I'll find out soon enough. In a few weeks I'll be asking for another laparoscopy when I speak to my consultant. Can't live like this anymore.

Totally know the never ending doubt about what it will be and if it will show up and if it can ever be treated.

Hope you find some answers. I know I'm desperate for some.



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