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What if they don't find anything


I've got my lap on Weds - I have started bleeding and getting really bad pains in my pelvis.

I keep really worrying if they don't find anything - then people will say all the pain is in my head, when it's real and hurts lot

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I'm totally in the same boat. Waiting for first lap and worried about the same thing. I spoke to a gp (not my usual one) who didn't make me feel any better. As I have mental Heath problems she said if they don't find anything, people with depression or anxiety often feel physical pain too!! I came off the phone feeling worse.

I'm telling myself I need the surgery anyway as I have a 5cm cyst, but worry that by the time I have surgery it may have burst or gone.

I guess we have to think at least they're investing it as I've read a lot of posts on here from people who are struggling to be taken seriously.

If you have symptoms and are in pain, you're doing the right thing. At least you should get an answer either way. It's not a waste of time for them to try and get to the bottom of the problem. Good luck on Wednesday xx

HeatherJM in reply to Purplegail

My doctors kept writing my pains and symptoms off for years because I have depression and anxiety. I remember one female doctor dismissing my period issues with a wave of her hand and giving me a prescription for anti-depressants. It's so frustrating because the longer you go in pain with no idea what's causing it the more depressed and anxious you get! I wish now that I'd pushed harder years ago but I was too afraid that I was making a fuss out of nothing. I wasn't - and it wouldn't even have mattered if there was nothing physically wrong. You deserve to have your concerns investigated and are worth it :) Good luck in your lap x

xximilixx in reply to HeatherJM

This is so sad! I was so on top of my mental health, I haven't been badly depressed for years but waiting around for answers and help is really starting to get to me :(

Hello :) I'm sorry to hear you're in pain today.

I remember reading that the best possible result is them not finding anything but I know exactly what you mean :) It feels like if they don't find anything you'll feel like you're imagining it. I have read a lot about invisible pain and referred pain. Apparently the brain has a hard time understanding pelvic pain which is why we often get strange pains elsewhere. I get pains in my legs, ribcage and shoulders referred from the endo in my pelvis. There's nothing physical in those areas to see but the pain is VERY real. I suppose it's just worth you knowing that if you are in pain then your pain is real. You know your own body and should trust your instincts. It's hard but try worry what other people will think or say.

If they don't find anything in your lap then you can move onto finding out what is causing your pain. If they find something you can deal with that. Whichever way I'm here if you need to talk. Try to relax today and do something nice for yourself x

If they don't find endometriosis please try to be happy about that, because it's a horrible condition that is very difficult to treat. xxx

Janine33 in reply to Janine33

Sorry, I don't mean to be so negative, just having a bad day today 😔 X

I feel exactly like this too. I don't have any advice I'm afraid, but you're not alone in feeling like this. My lap is on 25th may xx

Hiya, I had my lap on Friday and nothing was found. It was a bit of a double edged sword as I had hoped to finally be diagnosed with something but also didn't want it to be endo. I'm now glad that endo has been ruled out and I can carry on with investigations into the cause of my pain. My doctor advised pelvic pain is very hard to diagnose and will now need to see where we go from here. Good luck with your lap x

Hi I'm 5 days post lap op! At first I thought what on earth have they done to my insides. It's only now 5 days on that I'm beginning to be able to move a bit more freely! I think it's a case of little & often try to keep mobile afterwards. Yesterday I went for a walk to the shop for milk! It's a gradual recovery. Yes I got stitches but they are pulling a bit so I'm due to see my GP on Thursday so fingers x the practice nurse might snip them free for me to help! My scars are quite neat & yes I get frustrated but that's cos I'm independent and want to do everything my way & when I want to. It don't help I'm a bit OCD about cleaning & how things are in the home... but sometimes they have to take a back seat & my advice would be invest in some good loose house trousers like jogging bottoms. I have 3 jumper style dresses with no waistband & they are ideal! Getting underwear on can be tricky but you'll work it out. Buy some big full size knickers one size up, you'll be grateful sadly fashion has to be put on hold

Stock up on paracetamol & take your time doing things avoid heavy lifting & take each day as it comes

Good luck 🙏

rossemma1 in reply to Tjb45

How soon will I be able to return to work.. I go tomorrow got Thursday off then go back Friday for 4 half hours

Wishes_ in reply to rossemma1

I think you will need Friday off too and possibly the beginning of next week. I had my op on Friday and couldn't sit up or get up on my own until yesterday and I've still got pain today xx

I was exactly the same just prior to my lap surgery. Try not to worry about it too much. Perfectly normal to feel this way. Big hugs. Let me know how you get on x

I felt the same before my first lap. They kept telling me one of the risks of doing it was that they'd go in and find nothing. It really made me feel like I was wasting everyone's time. Every scan has been clear.

Turned out I had severe endo.

Regardles, no endo doesn't no mean there's nothing physical going on x

Hi there everyone,

Thank you all so much for your replies over the last few days, I went to hospital yesterday all ready - I had signed the consent forms and so close to going down. Then the anthesitist came to see me, checked my chest and said unfortuntley as I have been suffering from a cold I've got bronchitis and she wouldn't be able to do it as it would be unsafe.

So then I had a chat with the gyne lady who came to see me explained the problems I've been having and she said as I'm still really young and invasive surgery isn't a good idea she suggested a MRI scan which can tell them just as much.

Is I'm waiting for an appointment if that shows something then we'll discuss then if it doesn't then she is going to refer me to the pain clinic team

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