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Finally getting somewhere :)


So I recently put on here that I was going to see the gyno for the first time. Well I had that appointment yesterday and was soooo glad with the results.

They did an internal and asked me lots of questions and they may think it is endometriosis and they have put me through to have a laparoscopy.

Waiting list is around 6 weeks so do not really have that long to wait to have it done, i am scared however about getting it done, it is painful afterwards, does it scar, can you get around easy after its been done and that kind of thing.

Least I am actually getting some where now after nearly 2 years of suffering and been passed from pillar to post.


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Hi , happy to here you Are getting somewhere and you haven't got long to wait . I have had 2 laparoscopys, there is nothing to worry about I was very nervous before having it done but everyone was very reassuring and calmed my nerves , the scars a very little my first op I had two scars and the second op I had 3 scars so I guess it depends on what they find , recovery time is different for everyone for me I didn't feel normal again for a good few weeks but just take it easy and relax after and it will recover easier , hope everything goes ok for you

Amy x


the lap is nothing to worry about honestly!! i agree with jancey depending on how much needs done, youve been diagnosed quickly normally it can take beetween 8-11years before a woman is diagnosed so hopefully theres not too much damage there, took me 10 years to get the diagnosis and by the time i got my lap (3months ago) i was diagnosed with severe endo to the point everything was fused most of it was fred up but my bowel is so badly fused it could not be freed safely! i was in surgery for 4 hours and had 4 incisions you feel no pain the first day because your still on strong morphine the next day your slightly uncomfortable but nothing to be afraid of i was terrified but surprised, its nowhere near as painfull as i thought itd be, dont worry honestly, youve got the ball rolling relativley early, hope it all goes ok xx



I just cant wait to have it done, I know it sounds silly to say that but I have been suffering for nearly 2 years just gets me so down now, I have had to give up things I love doing like horse riding and things because of this I dont have a social life anymore its crap.

I just cannot wait to get the letter through the door with the actual date and time of the op on there haha. x


i know ecxacly how you feel, you just want answers! at least when you have the op you know what youre dealing with and they can get you on the appropriate meds, but the op itself is nothing to worry about, hope your date arrives in the post soon xx


well she did mention something about injections after the op, will be on them once a month for six months to shut down my ovaries or something, so they can see how my sypmptoms are then so hopefully that may help also x


i was also offered theese but after reading the side effects of the particular one i was too be given put me off so ive refused them to be honest its the menopause symptoms im afraid of with them as it puts yoour body into a false menopause, ive read some people are great with them but im just a big scaredy pants lolxx


I also get afraid when taking things, I get scared of how my body will react haha. The thing that is doing my head in at the minute is the constant urine infections they are doing my nut in I get like 3 a month just seriously doing my nut in x


oh dear apparently thoose hurt, ive been fortunate enough to be spared thoose lol xx


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