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Post-Lap stitches in Belly button, Pain

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice please?

I had my lap on 27th Feb and I have stitches in my belly button. They have been really gunky and red these last few days but they were meant to be dissolvable ones. I was admitted to hospital where my parents live and I was on IV antibiotics and IV morphine for the pain. I then went to my local hospital by ambulance because I couldn't get control of the pain even though I am prescribed ORAMORPH. I went and my partner arrived a couple of hours later, and he wasn't happy with my care.

I was left in a corridor for 2 hour to be given paracetamol, which they overdosed me on. My partner asked the nurse looking after me if I could have IV morphine because I have Oramorph at home, and she responded 'so you have just come to get IV morphine' making out I was a drug addict. My partner then discharged me and took me home so we could control the pain better at home.

Also not mentioning that I had passed out prior to calling an ambulance, splitting my head open on the fire place. They left me in the corridor and didn't assess me for my head injury and left the blood dripping down my face.

Everyone staring at me while I got cannulated for bloods to be taken in the corridor. I still have a gungy belly button and in severe pain and still cannot control it.

The nurse said I would wait another 2-3 hour before getting pain relief.

I'm so exhausted and I cannot move far. I feel really depressed and I don't want to get help from professionals because of how they treated me. Please help!

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Hi - it's not clear what department you were admitted to in your local hospital (sounds like A and E) but you should have had a discharge report from the one near your parents to tell them why you were there. Your treatment sounds appalling. It's only a little over 2 weeks since your surgery and you really must get this sorted if the pain you are experiencing is all from the puncture wound and is so bad. You can't risk a serious infection getting set in. Have you spoken to the consultant's secretary who did the lap as they would want to know? And your GP? Tomorrow you really must talk to them all and I shouldn't say too much about what happened at hospital for now as all that matters is that you are treated. I do think though when you have this under control you should send a letter of complaint to the hospital.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, it was A&E. I'm going to be GP tomorrow but i do not trust the hospital any more. The discharge report says that i have an abdominal infection due to surgery and sever pain. I gave this to the A&E dept on my arrival and they still treated me like that.

Thanks again xxxx


The trouble with A and E is that they are inundated with drunks, druggies, victims of violence etc etc so where is a normal person with a genuine problem who has done nothing to bring it on herself supposed to go?? I hope you get on OK.


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