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Cry baby!!

Im 3 weeks post diagnostic lap and diathermy to endo can anyone tell me is it normal to cry like a baby at everything afterwards?!?!?!? Wasnt like this before but even shopping for a mothers day card set me off everytime i read a verse in a card!!! I normally very rarely cry and dont know why im now like this. Im still having alot of pain and discomfort since my lap and still haven't returned to work i cant even walk my two dogs on my own yet or lay down in a bath as its too painful on my stomach to sit up again. X

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Yes! I was an emotional wreck afterwards. It's pretty normal to have the post op blues.I think I even posted the same as you. I blamed it on the general anesthetic mucking up my system but it could have something to do with our bits and pieces being tinkered with which may affect our hormones. But don't worry hun it's normal and you will feel better soon. Be kind to yourself. Watch your favourite movies, wear comfy slouch clothes and let yourself heal.xx


I'm a week post op and I'm tearful and exhausted like you. Apparently it's perfectly normal, but it is quite alarming especially when it's so far from how I usually am. Normally I can go on forever but at the moment I really need a good nights sleep and a nap and I have no energy at all. Everything went well during the op and I've had no major complication so far, everything's healing fine as far as I know (touch wood) but I feel rubbish.

You're not alone! Hope you're feeling better soon xxxx


I was like that after my first one too! It's such an anti climax.. Something you've been waiting on for so long (usually) takes place, but you can't remember it and it's supposed to take away your pain. I think the emotional recovery is just as hard as the physical. I can honestly say, my first lap changed my life, I had never felt better, and you will get there. Sadly, my endo has come back, but I'm trying to stay positive that the surgery can have such a life changing effect again. Take care and get well soon xx


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