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Having a baby?

For those of you fortunate enough to have had childern, can you tell me how it has affected your pain/symptoms? Did it all go away whilst you were pregnant or did you still experience the same sort of issues? How soon after you had your baby did the pain come back (if it ever went away?) What have your experiences been like with Dr's and fertility? I am awaiting my first lap and have been told numerous times over the past three years to "not leave it too late to try" or "start trying" which was my last set advice from my consultant, even though they don't "officially" know that I have endo (i'm 27 btw) Do they base this advice on the individual or is this blanket advice given to all women they suspect to have endo to simply cover all bases?

Thanks in advance, your advice is golden!

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Hi there Sarve, I was 28 when I had my first pregnancy. I had always had very heavy painful periods and ovulation pain as a teenager which is why they put me on Microgynon at 17. Things were fine on that and then at 27 I started having problems with pain again and decided to come of the Microgynon to start a family anyway. I was pregnant at 28 and 30 and for me both my pregnancies were very painful. I actually wasn't diagnosed with Endo until 2 years ago (now 41) and have just been diagnosed with Adenomyosis too. Not sure which of the two caused the pain or if I even had it then, but I remember having to have a lot of baths with Lavender oil with my first pregnancy and going into the Maternity ward for monitoring several times with the second. We are all different though and I am sure there are women out there who have not had pain when pregnant that also have Endo. The main thing is to take care of yourself and set your body up for pregnancy as well as you can with a good diet. Take care and believe in the magic of you. x


I have a little boy he is 5. I had him when I was 25 at 22 I was told I would need a hysterectomy, when I got pregnant the pain and bleeding went ...was the best few months. But as soon as I had him the pain returned 10 times worse and the bleeding was horrendous. I couldn't go anywhere without flooding. Everyone is different though just make sure you are ready, you are still young x


I didn't have pain whilst pg or whilst breast feeding which I did for two years. After that symptoms gradually returned. I wasn't diagnosed til after 2nd child and went on to have a 3rd.


Thanks for your replies ladies!

We are all different I guess but it is really interesting and useful to hear others stories and experiences.



hi sarve well i have three children know. Was told would never have any children so blessed, i did have pain in pregnancy but think that was more from surgerys when your stomache grows though to be honest have high pain tolerance after 15 years of endo, first 2 pregnancys i kept active by going to the gym after my third child had a hysterectomy when she was 6 months they said i was covered in endo so following this i have had more surgerys i hope you do get pregnant and enjoy the journey good luck


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