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Fallopian tube removal

Hi all. Hope you are well.

Bit of advice really. Just had my 2nd Lap. Left Fallopian tube tethered to ovary and left tube stick to bowel. And my clip from sterilisation was wedged behind my uterus. I am 6 days after surgery. I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and slept most of the 2 days after. Today and am feeling fed up and started to sort my kids bedrooms out. Been on my feet most of the day. I am now paying for it and got bad pains in my lower abdomen and back. I was hoping to get back to work next week. Has anyone had the same surgery as me and if so any advice on how long I should have off work as I think doctor has signed me off for 3 weeks. Also does anyone know if my period will be affected the first one after surgery as I am due on my period in Sunday. Any advice would be great.



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Hi zoe

Had my ovary and left tube removed at christmas but had a laparotomy because of scar tissue had 8 weeks off work. My tube was also stuck to bowel. Dont do too much too soon it will take longer to get back to normal as i soon realized didnt think i would need 8 weeks but it wasnt far off that before i felt recovered. felt not too bad the first week post op but felt worse after that for a couple of weeks. Hope you feel better soon.


Also, my periods were not affected by the operation came when they were due.


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