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I'm due surgery at the end of the month to try and get me put right. problem is I'm suffering extreme tiredness and fatigue alongside constant agonising pain. I'm becoming that exhausted im needing to be in bed by 7:30 on a night just to stand a chance for the following day. I'm trying to get work done for my job and keep falling asleep. I feel washed out and drained all the time. I'm worried people will see me as lazy or unmotivated. I just feel completely useless.

Does anyone have any advice that could help me? I'm desperaye for the end of the month to come now I'm just fed up with it :( xx

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  • Hi I feel exactly the same where is your pain? Xx

  • It's like a figure of 8 around my hips. I get lower back pain and upper thighs ache a lot too. But I get a particularly sharp pain on my left side but don't know what that is. I'm glued to hot water bottles cos I feel so ill all the time but the fatigue is exhausting me I just can't keep up with everyday life xx

  • I really feel for you I've not been diagnosed yet but having a hysteroscopy next week I've been off work now for 4 weeks and in constant pain for 8 weeks taking co codamol but not touching the pain really. I have constant pain in my hips down into my pelvis and like a dragging feeling in my uterus I also have back ache that comes and goes, does your hip pain feel like it's in your bones? I can only describe it as though someone is trying to push my hips apart it really is the most horrible pain I've ever had xx

  • I can relate with the pain - im yet to be diagnosed too my op is on the 25th March. I'm so fed up with everything, I'm 23, unable to live a normal life, I hobble everywhere and live on hot water bottles. Im a newly qualified teacher and feel like I'm letting all my kids down cos I'm just struggling all the time. It's so hard.

    I'm sorry to hear things have been so tough for you. I'm sending my love and hope things work out soon! Xxx

  • You too, are you having lap on 25th? How long have you had the hip pain? I could not stand up long enough to be at work any longer you are doing really well to be working I hope you get some answers on the 25th have you had ultrasound? Xx

  • Yeah it's a lap. I've had to go private cos the NHS couldn't fit me in til late 2015 and I just can't bear the pain any more im deaperate. I cry on a daily basis from the pain. With work I darent quit cos I'm a newly qualified teacher so to be on the sick is just out of the question completely. With the hip pain I've always had it but been agony since October 2014. I've never known sex to not be painful and over be years my periods have become non existent but excruciatingly painful. I suffer from retrograde menstruation as well xx

  • Omg late 2015? That is ridiculous, I'm going back to Dr tomorrow to ask for a lap I need to know what's going on I will lose my job soon if I continue been off sick without a diagnosis, how were you diagnosed with retrograde menstruation? I can not believe the nhs can expect you to wait so long in all that pain!! What part of the country are you in? Xxx

  • North East sadly my local hospital is backed up that far even the morgue can't cope and I'm not kidding either which is worrying. I had a lap over 4 years ago but when I came round they said all they could find was retrograde me situation and said maybe it's in my head, then 5 days later I was rushed back to hospital with a severe infection resulting in fluid the size of a small rugby ball in my womb. I was put on emergency drip and antibiotics and took me ; months to recover properly. After that I just lived with the paib and symptoms. But last October I became poorly again on my period and ended up in hospital and they questioned it could be endo as all my symptoms match but can't fit me in til late 2015. So I went private out of desperation cos I'm in a rift state now every single day xx

  • It is disgusting they say it is all in your head! I've always had painful yet light periods until recently where I'm still on 4 days maximum but just much heavier. It's the pain in my hips and pelvis I can't cope with and like you it is every day sometimes the co codamol takes the edge off it but sometimes it doesn't and I'm never without my hot water bottle, I've got hysteroscopy booked in for next Monday but what if that doesn't give me any answers?, I'm going back to Dr today to ask for a lap and some bowel investigation as that's what the gynaecologist had suggested.

    I really hope you get sorted soon. I just don't understand what could cause the actual hip bones to hurt so much.


  • I'm thinking about contacting my doctor for fatigue advice cos I'm just feeling horrendous. I'm in so much pain i don't know how I'm going to get through work today.

    Im terrified my surgery won't give me any answers especiallu as im paying for it privately I'll be devastated if it goes wrong xx

  • I think you need to visit the doctor again you can't carry on working in so much pain. I have been off work weeks now and the thought of having to go to work in this pain makes me cry, I struggle to stay awake all day never mind having to stand up and go about my day to day tasks. Where's your pain today? Is it always in the same place? Xx

  • Yes it's always the same every minute of every day. It's occasionally sharper on my left side. I can't walk properly it gets me down and I just feel so tired all of the time. I think yours right I needa phone my doctor. I just feel so fed up with everything . Just want to cry all the time xx

  • Stay strong, call your doctor and tell him you can't go on like this, let me know how you get on xxxxx

  • Meanwhile my bf told me tonight when it came to promoting signing this endo petition and complaining of this fatigue yesterday he told me that I'm wallowing. It's really wound me up that wanting to support a good cause is wallowing in his eyes :( xx

  • I too had to pay private for my laproscopy for diagnosis as I was getting nowhere with nhs -- they were saying it was stress then bowel trouble ended up severe endo adhesions etc I have just had radical hysterectomy and am in recovery :-) and pain free x

  • I'm praying the pain goes away soon after my op it just can't come quick enough. It has really gotten me down. Just want to vanish into a pain free thin air. Hopeful I'll hey somewhere in the end xxc

  • I would gladly have a hysterectomy tomorrow if it meant been pain free, can I ask how old you are and what your symptoms were please Bevsymon? Xx good to hear a positive story xx

  • Be cautious of hormone treatments, they can increase fatigue. I've suffered chronic fatigue and I think endo for 5 yrs but endo only recently discovered thru MRI / lap. Make sure it is excision surgery you are having, check reputation of your doc. Just passing on advice others have given me. A good excision surgeon will minimise chances of reoccurrence.

  • Thank you for that adcixe yeah my doc has really good reviews thank goodness. I'm just praying I get through all of this :( xx

  • You will get through it - I am 43 I have t had pain for years only since last summer but when diagnosed I had advanced endo and on bowel and bladder and pelvic adhesions and cyst so they were unsure what was causing my pain exactly. I was tired all the time dizzy and had excruciating pain down my left side left thigh and around my back it was like contractions for me I could not get on top of it and it started cyclical with ovulation and ended up more or less permanent x

  • Thank you so much for your advice. I'm just finding it so hard. I feel so much pain and anxiety all the time xx

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