how do you deal with the fatigue?

hi there

I had a lap in June and had a lot of endo removed, it has adhered to my bowel which they did not touch. I was on the pill for a while but came off as didn't feel good on it..was told that this would stop my periods hence the end?

my symptoms were next to nothing till this month, and I have felt fatigue like never before!

any one else have do you deal with it? I have a new job where I simply cannot take any time off or have time to feel like this

any help would be appreciated

best wishes

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I don't have any really useful info, I too suffer awful fatigue which really gets me down! But have you tried diet change or probiotics, I have a number of issues and recent surgery which is what my GP thinks is causing mine, I hope she is correct as I do get worried it's something like ME sometimes, as at the moment just putting on bed sheets tires me out. However me aside my friend is doing this diet as she was feeling tired and she has said it's made a massive difference I will drop you another message when she texts me back with the name. I take probiotics bio kult available at boots online which my dietician suggested may help me, they re balance your gut bugs and eat the bad bacteria, it may help and probably worth a try.

The diet is called clean and lean. Good luck x

wonderful thank you for all your time xx

just ordered the book from amazon x

& the probiotics bio kult too worth a go, amazon was the cheapest x

Hi, I take Sea Kelp daily it helps keep your thyroid well fed. Also helps you get trace elements too. It has helped me alot with my energy levels. X

Without sounding silly what are the trace elements? Will defo look into it thanku x

Hi boudy14 , trace elements are minerals that the human body needs to function but in very small amounts e.g iodine - regulates thyroid, metabolism , weight loss.

Trace elements: iron, iodine, fluoride, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, manganese and molybdenum. X

suffer the same, always tired to the point i fall asleep,and have no energy at all, doesn't seem to matter what i eat or do, some days better than others, but since the lap in may ive felt more tired?? strange

I suffered the same after my first lap and was finally diagnosed not only with endometriosis but with CFS/ME as well. One of the triggers of CFS/ME is traumatic incident such as surgery. I have seen a CFS/ME consultant who advised me to take less gluten and wheat in my diet (don't cut it out all together) and also to reduce the amount of caffeine as well. I've only changed my diet 3 months ago but I am already beginning to see signs of improvement. Hope this helps x

Thanku u all for your replies. Life can be so tough sometimes & I'm gutted it's all started again

I'm starting acupuncture this week to see if that helps xx

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. How did they diagnose it with what symptons? My sis in law has me & it took them 10 years to diagnose! X

It took 12 years to get a final diagnosis and I've been on treatment for the past 5 years. I had 3 laps, 2 with dye injection and a dye injected mri to get the diagnosis xx I haven't tried acupuncture - I'm terrified of needles! I hope it works for you though xx

I'm sorry to hear it took that long. I am going to see my doc this week as I feel shaky in my stomach so tired & sick & am sensitive to light too. I don't want a long dragged out process but need to get to the bottom of this xx scary as I'm a single mum & have to be well enough to work to keep a roof over our heads x

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