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So I have my 2nd lap next Tuesday. This time will be a lot of work including my bowel hence the bowel prep needed.

Not going to lie, absolutely dreading drinking it... Any tips on keeping it down and drinking the whole lot?

Not even that worried about the actual lap! Just the feeling rough from no eating for 24 hours...I get dizzy and hot flushes quite easily when I'm hungry and drained :(

Aghhhh :(


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Hi I know how you feel - have to do a bowel prep I a couple of wks time for excision surgery for endo & hysterectomy for Adenomyosis. I think the stress and worry of the bowel prep have taken over my worry about the actual op! Not of the effects of the moviprep as with my endo I'm used to be stuck on the toilet for hours on end with diarrhoea 😝. But I have a very strong gag reflex and quite literally if I don't like the taste of something I throw up. They wanted me to use moviprep as well but I've read it's quite salty tasting and I'll have to drink 2 litres of the stuff. I can't even gargle salt water without gagging so I'm worried my surgery will be cancelled as I just know I won't be able to keep it down. I have the option of an alternative, picolax, which although still apparently not pleasant tasting there is less of it to drink (apparently only 2 cupfuls/about half a litre). So I'm going to give this ago. Could you ask for picolax instead? Apparently you're allowed soft drinks so I'm planning on swigging coke and/or ginger ale down immediately afterwards to rid the taste from my mouth + the coke might provide a little energy pep-me-up and the ginger ale I'm hoping will settle my stomach. I usually drink 1.5litres of water a day anyway so plan on drinking more during the bowel prep. You'd be surprised how much water can take away from hunger. It can be quite filling. I think I read somewhere you're allowed jelly and jelly babies but I'm not risking it just in case that's not correct! Although it might be worth checking with the surgeon if you can have these. Best of luck.

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Thanks so much for your reply! Glad I am not the only one who is more worried about drinking the prep than anything else!

Think I'm going to stick with the moviprep, though the volume is daunting I heard it tastes the best out of most preps...going to mix in some cordial with mine (something nice but not berry anything).

I think the rule is anything that is clear (meaning no fibre ) is allowed like chicken broth or jelly though can't have red colouring.

Ginger ale is a good idea might stock up.

All the best for your lap!



Thanks. I did read a post from someone who mixed up half a glass of moviprep with half ginger ale. They said it tasted nicer and was easier to keep down. The downside now though is that she apparently can't stomach ginger ale now as she associates it with the moviprep! I'm gutted I'm not in America as they have Osmoprep, which consists of tablets instead. I know I could manage those! Unfortunately you're only allowed to do an Osmoprep bowel prep in the UK whilst in hospital so they can monitor your kidney function throughout as there's an increase risk of renal issues for certain patients. Hope all goes well for you too, x


I had picolax on mine so unfortunately wouldn't know the taste of the one you are having. However my advice would be to try and conserve your energy as much as possible as I too get flushes and drained so easily, therefore without food energy is extremely low. Find a series you havent managed to watch yet or some movies or even a book. I had some therapeutic relaxation music in the background too. The best thing is just to be logical, embrace what you've got to do as you're u know you'll know more once it's done and hopefully things can become easier for you after. But in the mean time just try to relax and take the opportunity for some you time on the sofa. Hope this helps and good luck xx


Hi. There's no getting away from it, Moviprep isn't much fun!! My biggest tip would be to set aside plenty of time, basically the whole evening to drink it as there's alot of liquid to take in. I started around 5.30pm and finished around midnight! I drank peppermint tea and chicken Bovril to help it down. Have some books handy to read or some DVDs to watch and once it kicks in, make sure you're near the toilet.

Good luck with your surgery, hope all goes well xx


Lie and tell them you can't keep down large volumes like that and ask for picolax, it's small volumes and does the job. Not their first choice sometimes only due to price. Not fun but it's okay, stay near a loo, drink lots of water or herb tea and take a good book and your own soft toilet roll and wet wipes....and maybe some cream!


I did moviprep (orange flavour) for a colonoscopy so no other drinks allowed except water! It wasn't pleasant but it wasn't so bad either-and I'm a bit phobic about throwing up! My one bit of advice would be not to look up comments on forums about it; there's a lot of drama (especially the American ones!!)

Best of luck!


No other drinks but water? I thought you could have anything that was clear/soft drink? no red dye etc.

Thanks - already looked some up online and wish I hadn't ha!


Mine was for colonoscopy so maybe it was more restrictive for that reason.

Follow the instructions and you'll be fine.

Best of luck with the lap



Thanks for your replies everyone! I don't have time to go get the alternative from the hospital so will have to just put up with Moviprep. Just need to concerntrate on the fact I'm having this lap and hopefully will have a better standard of life afterwards!! x


Strong orange and mango squash worked a treat! Didn't even taste the nasty thing! Although I think I drank a bit too much cos it was sloshing around in my empty belly! Good luck :) x

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