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Natural treatment for endometriosis

This book is available on Amazon and has been a godsend to me, it has herbs in it you can use for pain relief and aromatherapy blends too, self massage, lots of information about endo more than what the doctors tell you and also info about each of the treatment options and the pros and cons of them.

Diet and exercise, other complementary therapies for endo, nutritional supplements, etc. I highly recommend it x

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Thank you for sharing that :)


Thanks so much for sharing! X


You are very welcome. I am also on Facebook if anyone wants to chat my page is a fundraising and information page for endo it is called Knit'n'sew x


Osteopathy an homeopathy, yoga an meditation practice all really really help too x collectively they don't stop the pain all together but anything that reduces it is my life saver x x love to u all x x


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