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How likely is it that I have endo?

Hi, I'm very new here, so please bear with me!

I have periods that last 3 weeks long, though they are not painful at all, nor is sex painful. The GP did a smear test and blood tests, but found nothing. I am going to the hospital for an ultrasound scan and more vaginal tests soon. The GP said they would specifically be looking for endo or for fibroids.

I thought that considering I did not have any pain that my risk of endo would be low...does anyone know anyone who had endo with my symptoms?

I am only 20, and am so upset that I might not be able to have children. Please help,



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Hi Hannah.

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Please don't worry that you won't be able to have children as lots is ladies on here have had children and there is lots that can be done to help you conceive should a problem arise. Endometriosis is a odd disease symptom wise you could have very severe endo and no symptoms and yet someone with mild endometriosis could be in chronic pain from. I would certainly think the prolonged bleeding could be a sign of endo or other problems. The only way that endo can be confirmed is by a laparoscopy where they put the camera through your belly button and have a look endometriosis wouldn't show on a ultrasound. Has your Gp discussed this with you? You would need a referal to a specialist I endo. Please try not to worry I know it is worrying but it sounds like you are getting near to getting some answers.

I hope this helps.

jo x


Thank you for replying!

The GP didn't discuss having a laparoscopy no. At the moment I'm just having a transvaginal ultrasound and some scans at the hospital. She said that if nothing shows on those tests then I will get referred to gynae, so maybe that would include a laparoscopy maybe? But at the moment it is just those initial scans.

Thank you for your help

hannah x


That's alright you are welcome. Yes that's normally the route they will go down with a scan if that is all clear then referal to gynaecology and if they suspected endo they will offer you a laparoscopy. Do you have a date for your scan yet? If your scan is all clear then I would make a Dr's appointment ASAP as there is usually a wait for a referal. Are you on any medication to help you with the bleeding at the moment? X


I don't have a scan date yet, they said they'll ring me. Hopefully it is sorted soon though, because I finish university for good in June, and then I'll be moving back home the other end of the country and I imagine it will be a pain moving everything across health services!!

No medication for the bleeding, I had blood tests and my hormone levels were all fine and I'm not anaemic (I must be doing something right!). I don't want to go back on the pill, because that's just swapping one problem for 20 more! (been on it before!). Think I'm just making do with it until the tests are all done I suppose!


Hoping that you will get your scan sooner rather than later then. That's a good sign that your hormone levels were all ok. No I agree with the pill because the pill just masks things it isn't taking the problem away. You must be doing ok to be not be anemic when bleeding so often. I hope this gets resolved for you soon.

Jo x


I'll ring the hospital by the end of the week if they haven't rung me :) Thank you so much for all your help and advice, I feel more clued up and less in the dark, thank you x


That's alright you are welcome. If you have any more questions just message as I'm sure one of us will have been through what you are about to experience and can give some insight to it. Hope all goes well for you xx


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