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What a birthday present - my lap date!!!

2nd Lap date came through today - lap is in less than 2 weeks - 10th March!

So incredibly nervous - probably because I know they will actually be doing something this time!

I will also have to leave my temp job which I really love...because of the time I will need off they will most likely get someone else in! Endo still knows how to ruin things doesn't it hey?


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By 3rd week you should be fine to return.. have you explained to your work?


Both my laps around my birthday was laid up! 3 weeks?? I was off about 6/7 weeks but then I'm in the care work so no heavey work from me I went back on light duties.

Don't be nervous as soon as that injection goes in to put u to sleep Ur wake up n it's all done until u revover and I wish u good health xx


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