Bad day and paranoid

I've had quite a busy day trying to get bits and bobs done around the house. Now my hips are burning and lower back is twinging with the wrong movement, I have been bending down doing some gardening (not much) may I add. Now I get paranoid that this is mechanical back pain and not endo when I have a day like today. I'm really worried that my lap won't show anything,

Does anyone have similar symptoms in regards to exercise/movement that has been formally diagnosed?

Many thanks

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  • Hi durdledoor,my back pain is worse if I over do it too. Try ice pack really helps. Having a really bad day with pain as well,don't think lying still in mri for so long yesterday was good for me and I've been in excruciating pain since. Do you have a tens machine that helps (apparently) I still don't have one. Ice pack for 20 mind my doctor told me to do. Hugs xx

  • Hi thanks Victoria, ice actually really hurts me but I do use hot water bottles and wheat bags, I haven't brought a tens I need to look into how much they cost, when do you get your results from the mri?

  • Think a tens machine is about £25. they didn't say when my results would be ready but soon. How's things going for you?? Any news?? This waiting is awful can't believe it all takes so long. Xx

  • That's not too.bad, okay hope you get them quickly!! No news still waiting for lap in April and yes I agree the waiting is just hurrendous!! :( x

  • Hey, I to get these twinges and pains when exercising, or movements such as stretching, reaching lifting heavy objects, wearing high heels and standing for long periods. I still am yet to be diagnosed and have my Lap friday (as your aware) but feel it could be spinal and I am looking in the complete wrong area if it wasn't for all my other symptoms. I have read that endo affects the Sciatic nerve (hips and legs) so it's possible it's related check out this artical.


    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Sorry my Ultrasound scan not lap!** xxx

  • Thank you so much Chelsea, the article has been a great read! X

  • Hi, I've got my lap coming up, so havnt been diagnosed but like you, if I'm busy my pains get worse, hip pelvic groin and back and legs

  • Yep back pains a def with my endo. Ice packs work for me

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