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I am just wondering if anyone else has felt like this,, last Thursday the hospital rung me saying I have my lap this Thursday comimg, n ever since I have felt so sick I havent eaten anD I feel suicidal, literally would jump off a cliff given half a chance , I really didnt feel like this before last week I was worrying about fake tanning n holidays now I hate my life, is this normal? ? I am so anxious, I got a constantly sickness feeling ,, please someone help? ? Xxx

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Hello hunny, sorry you are feeling so low, it's short notice and baybe it has shocked you abit, I've got my 1st laporoscopy on the 21st March,

Is this your first lap, diagnostic or endo treatment, ??

Try to do something tomorrow to take your mind off it, and think how this can possibly change your life for the better, good luck and try to stay positive.


Its my first one the consultant said though If they see endometriosis they will burn it off im 99% sure thats what it is, so im hoping Thats it, other wise if they diagnose then say to come back for removal ill be most angry, I got an exam tomorrow which ill probably fail now coz im so stressed,, im going shopping after that then Tuesday shopping then Wednesday I was just gonna get stuff ready like pack my bAg have a sunbed etc,, so im quite busy but am panicking like mad tbh Xxxxxx

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Hi Laura, my first lap is tomorrow and i am thinking about it constantly, not sleeping too well etc. Really am so nervous, but if i can do it then you can, i'm sure. I go in at 11 so am hoping i dont sit around waiting too long, and am determined i want to be home same day. I will message you on here after its all done so know its ok etc, just stay strong and think of the benefits, instead of guessing what's wrong we will have answers and hopefully alot of improvement. Stay strong and just think by the weekend it will done for us both and we relax again, try to keep smiling, Mel xx


Hi Laura-Jayne1991x,

Keep yr head up, I thought it wasn't so bad I was prayed up God gave me peace about my 1st lap, took 45-1hr it outpatient went home same day took over counter med's a few times a day plenty of sleep & for first few wks walked a little slow no lifting I felt soooo, much better, energized! But now it's important we follow a diet to help prevent Endo coming back. Estrogen promotes it to come back or NOT everyone is deferent. God be with u in these times to come for a quick recovery!!!!


I have had laproscopy with cyst drainage and to be honest I was completely fine afterwards so try not to panic just get some peppermint tea in as the wind pain in shoulder blades can be quite sore peppermint tea and a hot water bottle on back works a treat xxx


Bless you.

To feel stressed before surgery is completely normal. You are handing control of your body to people you don't know... And that is a scary prospect. But, the doctors and theatre staff are so highly trained and will be looking after you during and after your surgery.

Can you go and see your GP and ask them to prescribe you something to help you relax? (Just check with the hospital before you take any medication on the day of your surgery) and maybe explain to your GP how you are feeling.

I really hope the surgery goes well and I am sending you a massive cyber hug.

Barbara x


I'm really sorry you are feeling this way, I haven't yet had a lap so I cannot sympathise with your anxieties of having the operation in a couple of days but I hope having a response to your post will lift you a little! Are any of your medications possibly causing these feelings ? Check the leaflets for side effects. Is there anyone at home to support you at the moment? Please eat and try to be positive x


You are not alone and I have had my lap in September. It was much better than I thought so try not to worry too much. I understand the depression as I am suffering with this a lot too. All we can do is support each other on here and just say we are here to talk. Don't bottle things up. Maybe call the endo helpline if you need to talk to someone and just think the sooner this is diagnosed/dealt with the sooner you will be feeling better. Hugs to you.


Hi hunny, it's sounds like you have a lot going on, do not worry about the op date and if you do have endo it's definetly normal to feel anxious with it. You are not alone and to be honest there's always someone not to far away for more advice. I myself a stressful person , I get depressed , tyred and I get anxiety and I now know y I am like this because of endo. (Try not to b stressed if you canx) I had my 1st lap and endo op last Monday, still feeling a bit sore which is something expected. Day by day you will feel better and get ready with plenty of medication at hand for after recovery. Docs will probably give you codeine tabs to take home. They work wonders just don't take too many:-). These ops proceed day in day out for people like u & I. They know there thing so don't worry. Takecare and rest after your op. You'll b fine xxx all the best


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