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Feeling so depressed

Following a non diagnostic laparoscyvby a normal gyne in the summer, I went back for an internal scan a week ago & the radiologist said she could see that my ovary was stiff & stuck to my uterus. She then prodded me in this area & I was in absolute agony. She seemed to have a good understanding of endo & said she would send a detailed report to the doctor & consultant. She said she would say I was in agony from prodding & from the scan.

So the GP just called to say the results of the scan all look fine & is recorded with no abnormalities. She said it was reported that the patient suffered mild discomfort with internal scanner.

I felt mentally better last week when at last I felt someone believed me, now I’m back to proving I’m in pain 24/7. I could tell the GP didn’t believe me.

Feeling so depressed.

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Sorry about spelling mistakes. Feeling shaky & to upset to type properly.


I think u should make a appointment to see your doctor and explain ur a little confused as to what the report said but what the ultrasound women said to you. As sometimes a dr will overlook something as they may think oh well she had all these test and they saw nothing so how was something seen in a ultrasound.

Go there and say look this is what she showed me and said she saw so why has the report changed

or even ring the dr and ask to have a copy of the report yourself to see what they actually said... see if it the ultrasounds fault or the doctor ignoring report before u go in there.


Ask to see your GP again or a different doctor for some support Josey. I found they can be pretty dismissive over the phone.

I had a very similar issue...it transpired, after me challenging them, that the doctor at the hospital had processed my results and sent me the standard 'no further action' letter without looking at my file. They were extremely apologetic and booked me another appointment, and that particular gynae issue (carcinoma in situ on the cervix) was resolved promptly.

I know it's not great but you are right to challenge things when something doesn't feel right. As a young girl I was just ready to accept my fate as the doctor at the hospital said everything was fine. Luckily I convinced myself to raise questions, and each time there was an attempt to fob me off but I remained persistent, went to see my GP to explain my situation and asked for help to be taken seriously by the hospital, and showing the GP how distressing it was got her to intervene and resolved that issue.

I'm wise to it now and unfortunately it seems we can't always trust this service, go with your gut, if the answers don't add up to you, challenge it. Sending hugs, hope you can try and de-stress a little this evening. Xx


Thank you Tasha-marie & Lulububs, you’ve given me the push I need. As the gyne is out of the trust area I need to get a copy of the report & take it with me to him. I will ask to see if there are any images in the file. I hate it though as you constantly feel as though no one believes you. I’m now on my 3rd doctor with this bring a woman, thinking she would understand more. She’s more interested in the mirena I had fitted than anything else. I think she thinks that will solve everything.

It’s annoying too because this radiologist obviously knew a lot about endo as she was asking lots about pain & symptoms. Then when she saw the ovary which had a collapsed cyst on it too she said that will be where the endo is as it’s making your ovary stick. I remember what she said so well because I was relieved that at last their was a reason for the pain.

I will go to the GP on Monday & get the report & then go from there. Thank you to you both, it’s really helped. Xxxx

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If you get stuck or are just feeling a bit down you know where we are 😘 best wishes for Monday and lets hope it's the start of your issue being resolved properly once and for all ❤ It's unfortunate, but also comforting to know that none of us are alone with these issues, and the constant struggle to be listened to and taken seriously. Everyone here understands in a way that sometimes family/friends can't and it's such a relief (definitely a lifeline for me at the moment reading everyone elses problems, suddenly don't feel so alone!) so if you need to vent, go for it girl! Good luck let us know how you get on xxx


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