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Pain after laparoscopy

Hi all was wondering if anyone else found no relief from the laparoscopy! I thought it would relieve my symptoms for a while at least but the pain still remains exactly the same. The pressure im feeling in my abdomen is unbearable! I felt like this was my last option, having pain every day is getting me down and I don't no what else to do? Xx

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Do you have adenmyosis? I have stage 4 endo and adenmyosis and I have a heavy feeling due to that. Xx



I had my first lap last January. Dispite them piecing a whole in my womb with the coil only a little bit of ando was removed.

Unfortunaly due to the location of the Endo they couldn't remove it all.

The op did not relieve my pain in any way.., I've struggled for 13months chronic pain, pain spreading to new places (poss Endo spread) and worsen symptoms (now they think it's entered my bowels) I'm due to have my 2nd lap in March with bowel surgery 😁

Be presistant don't give up. Talk to your doctor xx


I had same issue after my 1st lapo... And had my 2nd lapo last week...! I also have adenmyosis which apparently always causes pain. After my 1st lapo i had pain after 3months... It took another 2years to convince the docs i had same again... My consultant is amazing but it waa tje docs refering me to her that took soo long. If your in london ask to see Miss Ball... Top consultanr with endo!


Thank you! They didn't say anything about adenmyosis, they just said they removed the endo from my pouch of Douglas and I have it on my left uterosacal! Doctors have put me back on the pill but im not hopeful it's going to work! I suppose this is a long road of pain that I need to try and accept.. Good luck with any ops u all have. I hope u get some relief too! I'm getting to the point where I might have to go down to working part time just to get some rest xxx


You mention that you have it on your uterosacral ligaments. Just to be clear, are you saying that they did not remove this? If not then you still have endometriosis which would explain your continued pain and there is no need to 'accept' that pain.

Were you seen by a general gynaecologist or an endometriosis specialist? A good endo specialist or skilled gynae (a rare species when it comes to endo!) would have removed all endo.

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Same here. No relief for pain post lap!


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