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Bowel pain

So I have had extreme pain during my periods for years and was always fobbed off by doctors. Finally had a laproscopy end of last year where severe endo was found and removed from my pelvis, ligaments, ovaries, and bladder. However I suffer with severe pain with bowel movements during my periods and this is still the case following surgery. I therefore had an MRI to screen my bowel, this has since come back clear, with nothing showing up.

Should I still be concerned about the bowel pain and what should my next step be?

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Hi there, I get severe bowel pain when trying to go to toilet when on my period. I have recently had cameras everywhere amd have no Endo in my bowel but there seems to be an endometrioma between my front and back passage. The pain is horrendous and have been on the loo in tears and almost passed out on more than one occasion. I am currently seeing a gyne and a rectal surgeon looking for a solution. I can't really offer any advice, but you are not alone x


Your definitely not alone, I feel your pain... its horrendous, the pain is so severe I feel sick and like I'm going to pass out... I would suggest getting a referral from your doctor 2 check your bowel out... good luck x


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