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I don't yet know if I actually have Endo I have my op in March to see what's what but I'm really worried as I had intercourse with my husband and it wasn't painful at all but bled after wards and now a few days on and my c-section has stated feeling really sore and I can't have anything rubbing on it yet never had problems with it before now and my sons nearly 3 any ideas?! Please

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  • Hi there ive never had a c section myself so can't really help much , but I have seen a post before with a lady that had Endo actually on her scar , but inside obviously , hopefully this isn't the case but it has been heard of, hope you get a good diagnosis soon and that its a simple one :) x

  • I can't tell you. But hope everything works out. And you feel better soon. Everyone is different with tests and results. I don't know what could've caused that bleeding. But that can often happen. Not just from Endometriosis. But cysts and fibroids, can also cause that. So jump to conclusions. Adhesions can cause that, too.

  • I have just had a laparoscopy and they found scar tissue attached my bladder to my tummy wall it contained endo. My scar was always tender to touch and sometimes really painful. It was also red and raised and i didnt realised it it was also swollen.I had told my gp many times and was made to feel stupid and was told it was because I was over weight. My son is 13 and the day after surgery the scaring was no longer tender red or swollen. Its common apparently to get scarring inside after any type of surgery especially csections and endo can form anywhere. Do not let your gp fobe you off get your lap done asap. Try not to worry I lost about three inches off my tummy after mine best thing I ever did shame I had to wait so long.

  • i had my first laparoscopy in Nov 14. I had an emergency c-section with my daughter (now almost 3), and they found that two layers of the c-section scar tissue had stuck to my uterus so they dealt with this whilst I was under. I hope that helps x

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