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Endometriosis/kidney pain

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I recently had surgery I had both my tubes removed my ovary was displaced and Fused to another organ adhesions removed from both ovarian faucets and active patches of endo removed... after the surgery I had UTI I was treated with 4 lots of antibiotics. Symptoms seemed to be settling then all of a sudden came back with vengeance accompanied with kidney pain I went to the doctor and surprisingly no UTI !! Two months have passed and I don't feel the need to constantly go however I have horrendous kidney pain it is constant and unbearable I have no other symptoms..any idea on what could be causing this and had anybody else experienced it ?

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Hi! I have the same issue with on/off bladder weakness and on/off low back pain that I can only connect to kidneys. I have experienced this for a long time due to my endometriosis however it has been notably worse since surgery. Just like you mine settled down then peaked, however I was told no UTI but very strong symptoms. I'm sorry I don't have any answers but I wanted to say I understand how you may be feeling. I have queried whether it could be thrush, bacterial vaginosis, poor pelvic floor but no answers as yet. Xx

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Sorry to hear your going through the same hopefully we both get answers . ♥️

Good luck,hope everything works out in due time.

Thank you on way to doctor now however I won't hold my breath for an answer 🙄x

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Did you get a bacterial culture of your urine, a vaginal swab and a kidney ultrasound done? Who performed the surgery on you? was it a highly skilled advanced EXCISION surgeon working with a team during surgery? If not, you might need another surgery. How had the pain been since surgery?

I have a similar situation so I empathise.

1) Who performed the laparoscopy? Was it a highly skilled EXCISION surgeon who worked with a team (urologist and bowel surgeon included)? If the answer is no, you are most likely going to need another surgery

2) Are you sure it was a UTI? Did you get bacterial culture done?

Urine samples were clear .. I have just been told my bowel was not checked during my last surgery my doctor thinks I have endo on the bowel as I have started bleeding from behind during my period I had internal of the back passage all was fine I already knew I have to have more surgery but now they will be checking bowel and my bladder as well.... I am still waiting for ultrasound on kidneys however I have had tons of them in past that haven't shown anything ... Probably because it's endo and we all know it doesn't show up on u. Sounds

I missed your post initially but I was getting kidney pain prior to my surgery last year. Specialist found deep endometriosis on my uterosacral ligament he showed me on the photos how close it was to one of my ureters. I read subsequently that because of inflammation in this area your urine can back up causing kidney pain. I had excision surgery and have lost the kidney pain now which is great. So I would imagine that if you can get a laparoscopy with a proper specialist they will find and remove what was missed and your pain should ease. Hope you find some relief soon!

I’m being referred to the urine department at the hospital I’ve had consistent uti infections since July. I’m so fed up with it it smells horrible stings and causes me to have pain in my belly. It also goes into my back like you. I think this is because the infection is spread into the kidneys. I’m never off antibiotics and they make me feel ill....endo never gives us a break. Defo go back to make sure it’s not gone into your kidneys because when mine did I ended up on a drip in a and e....take care xxxx

Hey all! New to this forum. I’m 35 and Endo was diagnosed 16 years ago. Had laparoscopic surgery then when it was confirmed and thankfully had children since. Three years ago after nearly all hope I knew my endo had spread. Once dr listened I was scheduled for mri to find it had grew through the abdominal muscle from a previous c section. Sorry for the long post but I’ve been having really bad kidney pain and now on antibiotics for two weeks. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with my endo and I’m scheduled for ultrasound at some point soon. Doubt they’ll find in on ultrasound but we will see...

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