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Radio interview request - calling all endo ladies!


I was wondering I could advertise a request for a radio documentary I am making about endometriosis, in line with March being Endometriosis Awareness month?

The piece is a 7 minute package of interviews with doctors, researchers, sufferers, families and anyone with experience of endo, and I'd like to include some personal stories if possible - whatever people might feel comfortable discussing. Hearing what it is like to be a sufferer, the challenges and the ways in which you deal with it - these would be an important aspect of the piece (so it's not just a medical explanation - I am a sufferer myself and we all know endo is much more than a simple diagnosis!)

If you are interested, please read on:

It would be a short (approx. 15-20 minutes) recorded interview (radio only, not TV so no cameras, just a microphone) which I could do with you at any time or location to suit you. I'd be really interested to hear from partners or families about their experiences of endo as a couple/family, or from anyone whose experience with endo has affected them severely. Maybe you have found a treatment regimen that works and are feeling better than ever?! Or perhaps you are facing surgery and would be willing to talk to me about your thoughts on that. Perhaps you have comments or suggestions for how the medical system deals with endo patients? This is your chance for your voice to be heard and I'd love as many people as possible to be involved.

This particular piece would be broadcast on Imperial College radio at the end of March, and would then be available on the Imperial college website as well as hopefully being promoted through EndometriosisUK and other charities. I would be happy for you to discuss this further if you did not wish your section to be used for online broadcasting, and could include it only in the radio piece.

Please could you let me know if this is something you would be interested in? It would be really great to hear from you, as representatives of a condition which too many people suffer from, and too few people know about.

If you are interested, please email ellie.worldwide@gmail.com and perhaps I could give you a ring to discuss it and explain a little more, and organise a time that suits you?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks


Eleanor L. H. Mackay

Producer, IC Radio

MSc Science Media Production, Imperial College

BA Natural Science (Biological), Cambridge University

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