Calling all sufferers in Torbay & surrounding areas

Hello everyone, I have just registered and wondered if there is anyone in the above locations who would be interested in chatting / sharing experiences and maybe meeting up once in a while.

I started with Endo at 14, now 34 with a 2 year old boy. I have stage 4 Endo which has returned since childbirth.

I hope to hear from you xy

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  • hi there. Im up the road a bit in Dorset. Also stage 4 ...feel free to chat im on here pretty much daily at the mo. keeps my sanity and stops me wandering onto websites that flash up horror words....real life here and lovely ladies who are willing to listen and share experiences. Look forward to chatting J xx

  • Wish I did as I would have gladly met up. I agree with jalo69 about this site, it does have lovely ladies, a good share of experiences and people willing to listen. So if no one is near you, remember we ladies are always here. x

  • Hi

    I live in the torbay area. I had total abdominal hysterectomy in October last year and they found endo and adeno. Would be more than happy to meet up or could speak online. Its been a tough journey to get to this point. Let me know xx

  • Thanks for your comments, we relocated from Midlands 18 months ago and it can be a lonely place at times with friends and family back home.

    Still suffering with Endo after childbirth 2 yrs ago, had hoped I would be one of the lucky ones where it disappears after pregnancy!

    I am on Facebook so if anyone wants to chat thru here aswell message me and I will give you my email.

    Hope to chat to many of you over coming weeks louise x

  • Hi

    I have just registered and saw ur post. I live in Torbay and also have a 2yr old as well as a 4month old. My endo had come back already and just trying to decide on best treatment now. Would be good to chat with someone who understands endo instead of having to explain it to everyone all the time.

  • Hi, good to hear from you. Would love to chat and share experiences.

    We live in Torquay and like you my endo has flared up after pregnancy. It seems there is no end to it. I am stage 4.

    You can message me on here or I am on Facebook if that is easier. Let me know and if you want to meet for coffee and chat would be great louise xx

  • I am in torquay too. I probably check Facebook more than here so if u want to add me my email is Would be good to meet up for a coffee and a chat too.


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