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Anxious about appointment

I'm seeing the doctor who has taken over since my operation for my ruptured cyst and I'm feeling so nervous.

I was basically sent away for roughly 3-4 months to keep a diary and then she would decide what road to take based on what's happened.

During that time I've had one of worst periods of my life which has made me stay on the combined pill without having any breaks because I'm just too scared, I absolutely dread having a period :(

Now I'm anxious about my appointment, I don't know what to expect I don't know if I'm going to go through another operation I don't know if I'll be kept on the pill (which isn't ideal because when I do have a period it's still a nightmare) or if I'll be offered the coil which I've heard very mixed reviews over.

I'm also terrified that I won't be offered the laparoscopy and it won't be taken any further and I'll be left to suffer with very little solution.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and any thoughts xxx

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Hi, see how the appointment goes and say that you want larparoscopy to investigate and treat any endo. If you feel unhappy with how the appointment goes say so or ask your gp to refer you to a different consultant. Best wishes xx


Hi Emma

Write a list of points for you to refer to in case you forget anything while you are in the appointment.

Don't always accept what is said either, if you are afraid of having periods you must explain this to the doctor. If a laparoscopy isn't offered then ask if it would be suitable and if not why not.

I hope all goes well for you.



Thanks guys. I've been and doctor really nice and really understanding, felt like I was being taken seriously for once.

They've offered me Mariena coil and laparoscopy at a later date.

Fingers crossed!! xx


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