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The pill - advice / experiences

I am back at the hospital this week and my latest scan showed I now have 3cm cysts back on each ovary (I previously had 10 / 3 cm ones removed).

Has anyone got suggestions of pills that have worked for them? I took dianette years ago and that's the only one that agreed with me. But you can't have that again. Since then I had microgynon (nausea / heartburn), cerelle / cerezette (anxiety / headaches) and I tried several patches as well I think. Has anyone had a similar experience of things not agreeing with them but gone on to find something that does?

I could try a coil I know but I don't fancy that really. My consultant also said I could just wait and have surgery again if it gets bad.

To be honest no options are appealing but any advice / experiences would be helpful!


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Yasmin was the best one I've tried. It worked (tricycling) for a couple of years. I felt very well on it. The only issue was migraine during the pill free week but I was getting those with my period anyway.

I've been put on visanne now, I'm about a month in and feeling ok so far. Not as bad as some past treatments. It's a new generation progesterone treatment developed with endo in mind. If you do a search it's been used in Canada and a few other places for a couple of years now. Meant to be easier on the body than any of the jabs they prescribe.

Hope this helps. X


Thanks - anything is useful!


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