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Lost mirena coil!

Hello :)

Just wondering if anyone has ever lost a mirena coil? Mine couldn't be found and I have horrible feeling it has come out. I won't of into the terrible details but something odd was seen and in hindsight I am thinking it may have been the coil?

I have pain higher up than usual & back pain so can't help thinking something isn't right so maybe it is there and something isn't right? :(

Haven't a clue what to do now.

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I haven't lost a coil myself but I know pain can be a sign of it being dislodged. You should probably get yourself down to a urgent care centre/A&E before the weekend rush starts and you end up waiting for ages to be seen! Hope they manage to sort it :) xx


Thanks so much for your reply x yep something doesn't seem right but don't like to make fuss! Xx


I know the feeling about not making a fuss, but it's better to get it checked than leave it to get worse :) xx


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