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Low and bored

Hi ladies, I'm just venting really, im feeling very low at the minute, and very bored, I no I need to pick my socks up just finding it difficult to cope, I'm normally a busy person that doesn't rest well, I have 3 sons and after having them didn't go back to work full time, but since they have been in school, always had little jobs on the go, shop work cafes cleaning, dinner ladie ect, now I do nothing, had to give my cleaning up, because I find my own house work hard enough, and just lost my job in the school due to time off, although some days/weeks I was finding that hard, I'm scared to do things on good days in fear of it making my pain come back, or get worse, even walking the dog is scary, how perfetic is that,

I was thinking of doing a online sage accountancy course, but the thought of failure is just to much,

My husband and boys are all very supportive of me, but I feel like I'm letting them down, they have had go carting tickets since Xmas and I'm worried about booking coz I'll have to drive about an hour away and might not feel upto it,

Everything I do or don't do I'm thinking of this," what ever this it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still waiting for my lap to confirm diagonis,

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Are you prone to depression? I am just asking that because when I get mine it usually starts that way.

What about vitamins-minerals? Low levels of B, D and Magnesium can cause that too.

Also, on a sunny day try to be in the sun. It's the little things but they add up and make a difference, even if you only feel happy for 30 minutes a day it is still better than no happy time at all...

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Thank you for your reply, I'm on a low dose of cipolopram, but only since I've been feeling poorly more frequently, I agree about the sun,


Totally relate to your heading! I've had undiagnosed chronic fatigue for 5+ years and as an active and positive person struggled with boredom, frustration and lack of self worth at not being able to look after my 3 kids let alone work. I found out before Xmas my symptons can be explained by having severe endo. Three weeks ago I had a 2 hour plus lap to remove the adhesions / cysts from just about everywhere 'down there'. I'm recovering quite well and v lucky to have found a surgeon I really trust. The hardest thing now is low mood from having Mirena coil fitted. I agree with the other comments do something each day to make you feel good, whatever it might be - I went to the cinema in the middle of the day yesterday with my neice who talks for Britain. And yes get outside as much as you can. And don't do as I try not to, constantly compare myself to the friends around me - no help what so ever - more a form of torture!


AmyLee, glad you found a doc you can trust and had a successful surgery.

Your story is like my life minus the kids. I was so active - job, studies, activities and then suddenly boom, I could not get out of bed and soon after that my doc discovered endo.

Unfortunately it has taken years to realize that the typical meds (MAO inh. and SSRI) for depression actually make me worse so I just quit and had to live with it until very recently. I have found a supplement that works so I don't need to suffer crippling depression or side effects from meds.

Sadly there are not many docs that support holistic theories - looking at a body as one.

I am still researching the topic but I believe that some problems can be linked to others. That means depression is a symptom and endo is a symptom.

Too bad there's not so much money in endo research so we just have to use our own trial and error method. I have given the endo diet a go, so let's see...


Thank you for your reply, just feeling sorry for me self, on period so that dosnt help,


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